Wedding Etiquette


Mate - if they dare touch a hair on your head I’ll fight til the last breath.


One of the worst characteristics of new money is the need to boast about it


La di fuckin daaaaa

Nothing worse than new money


Serious subtle humblebrag here ffs


its actually embarrassing to be going on like that


Half the cunts upkeeping the villas with the weekly stipend from NAMA.


Don’t mind them Choco, I’m happy for you that you got the wedding day you always wanted.


Except maybe no money.


Ran out of the country.


What’s the difference between a villa and a house


He married into wealth and they treat him like a taxi service then :sweat_smile:


And married under the eyes of a God he doesn’t believe in. Fairytale stuff


I have a cousin got married last year and he had 250 or so guests. Makes out he made enough profit out of the wedding to buy a new car, deposit for a house etc.


Not a chance unless he went on the serious cheap with it in which case everyone knows he’s a tight arse.


will you shut up about your own wedding you self centered little shit


He lives in Tournafulla so a fair chance you could get a deposit for a house there with some loose change.


Did he marry into the Kinahan gang?


Thanks lads I’ll give the lad 200 so.


I clicked out if at that point too. I found his fawning over and pandering to groomsman Bernard Brogan quite cringeworthy. Not Brogan’s fault but some lads are very excited about being friends with well known GGA personalities.


I found my wedding meal playlist on my MP3 player earlier. I burned them on to two CDs and they were played over the meal. The aim of the first CD was to appeal to everyone and then maybe broaden out in the second one to songs which both of us like (and just I like with my snobbery head on me). Also there were other songs I would have liked to have on it but the sound quality on the CD was shite so I left them off.

Walk on song: REM - It’s the End of the World as we know it (And I feel fine)


  1. Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone
  2. Van Morrison - Into the Mystic
  3. Neil Young - Heart of Gold
  4. Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five
  5. Elvis - In the Ghetto
  6. The Rolling Stones - Tumbling Dice
  7. Luke Kelly/Dubliners - School Days Over
  8. Luke Kelly/Dubliners - Come My Little Son
  9. The Dubliners - McAlpine’s Fusiliers
  10. The Pogues - A Pair of Brown Eyes
  11. The Pogues - Rainy Night in Soho
  12. The Pogues - The Broad Majestic Shannon
  13. Johnny Cash - Solitary Man
  14. Fureys - When You Were Sweet Sixteen
  15. Butch Moore - Walking the Streets in the Rain
  16. No Frontiers - Mary Black
  17. Fureys - Red Rose Café
  18. The Wolfe Tones - The West Awake


  1. REM - The Great Beyond
  2. REM - Maps and Legends
  3. REM - Welcome to the Occupation
  4. The Smiths - Barbarism Begins at Home
  5. The Smiths - Hand in Glove
  6. Julian Cope - Sunspots
  7. Whipping Boy - We Don’t Need Nobody Else
  8. Arcade Fire - Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)
  9. Pixies - Velouria
  10. Pixies - Head On
  11. The Wedding Present - Octopussy
  12. Slint - Glenn
  13. Depeche Mode - Walking in my Shoes
  14. Tricky - Overcome
  15. Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy
  16. LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends