Wedding Etiquette


Any reason for that? Don’t mean to pry.


id say he had that list written at 17, at least all his dreams came true


It’s the parents that inflated that without a doubt. Not many parents would hand over 5 figure sums. 2k I got from my own.


The gifts from the parents now appears to have doubled from 10K to 20K. Unrale.


Did similar. Except I did it in a church. And there was no bt junior. And I had immediate family there.

Low key and efficient.


I’d be thinking one previously married.


They were possibly gifted Bitcoin.


Jaysus I must go back to mine so. I was badly stiffed, even for the lower amount :grinning:


Maybe an IOU 10K as well.


And a lovely day we had mate.


and every guest gave €100. Costly day out for any family there with kids. Any honeymoon costs factored into the spend too?


How much would you say you were in the red after the wedding farmer if you don’t mind me asking? I am well aware my cousin is in a minority to come out of it in profit.


What do you think the car was for? 3 day honeymoon above in Connemara. Hup ya boy ya.


About 10k mate. Maybe more.


probably an aul ford escort estate, throw an aul mattress in the back and no hotels needed!


Hang on, I think I’ve figured out who the couple were


You never know, you’ve a 50/50 chance these days.


Some pack of money worshiping, materialistic, shallow, plastic lieing benders posting in this thread. Worse than useless cunts.


Little FWP was very sick.


I was at a wedding a few years ago (during the recession) and when we arrived into the hotel, hadn’t the Hotel a big cardboard cut out up advertising “Discounted Wedding Rates, packages from €35 per person”.

I don’t think the couple deliberately cheaped out or anything as there is few enough suitable venues in the area but I thought it was very bad form from the Hotel.