Wedding Etiquette


I’d be raging.


The Oirish are very materialistic


Didnt know you were wed. Congrats pal


I know. I’d to go and try to find a different envelope then after I took 50 back out of the card.


I thought that video was funny but needed to stick with it. From about 3 mins on it turns into a proper roasting of the groom and bride.

And congrats @briantinnion and @fenwaypark :clap:


The hungry bastards out in force on this thread.


I never read that part :eek:


I believe those invites only went to the brides side.


I got off light last year, but I’ve 7 so far in 2018 including two abroad. :cry:


Wait until you have to start going to the second weddings !


Many thanks @gilgamboa @Mac


One of the seven is already :see_no_evil:Though they are a fair bit older than me


They were paying enough letting him into the family


Boil the kettle in the room!


No Collins and Bailey - Easy Lover ?


Had seven myself last year, 5 abroad. 1 in New York and 4 in the Uk.

The only saving grace is that UK wedding finished up good and early and you would be hard pressed to spend to send money at them. £50 in the card would be seen as very generous.


so not similar then


Aw you poor people being so popular crucified with all these weddings.

We had two last year both on her side. And that was a lot!


All fine and dandy but the same sex marriages are the next step .


As an elderly neighbour of mine said at the time of the vote - ‘those gays will make a cod out of marriage’.