Wedding Etiquette


Was at a civil one of those on the mainland years ago.


The ones using a marriage to make money out of it are making a cod of it as well.


Fuck that’s a lot. Would you be close enough to all of them that you’d want to go? Would turn down a few? I’d be fuming if I had that many to go to.


I had five last year which I thought was bad but seemingly got off light looking at your schedule. And mine were all in Oireland. The bad thing about an Oirish wedding is it’s a whole weekend thing and it’d be frowned upon to go to bed before 5am unless you’ve to be carried there from so much drink. The Oirish have a sickening dependence on alcohol.

I’ve only three so far lined up for this year and first is April.


You will miss the weddings when they have all dried up. Great way to meet people which gets exponentially harder when you have family


I have to say that I love a good wedding.


So do I. A great day out


Thats exactly it. Plus a great excuse to dump the kids with the family and tear off for a night away.


There’s only one really I could turn down and I might not go to one of the abroad ones as it’s in Thailand, although it’s the one I really want to go to :sweat_smile:


Fair enough. I’m a while off that yet. I’ve fairly enjoyed all the ones I’ve been to but most I’ve had was three in a year. Any more than that and I’d be sick of them and pissed off about having to go to weddings rather than do things I want to do.


wedding receptions are an awful cod. i really despise getting invited to weddings now unless its a close family member or a very close friend. the english have it off to a tee really calling a halt at a reasonable hour.
i really despise listening to the speeches id be sitting there fit to kill, the toasts stand up fuck off, the entrance music, the sweet stalls, the ‘shtyle’, the choc fondue stalls, every cunt dressed up like a prick in a shit suit, the small talk, the ‘wedding party’, groups of useless cunts gathering round the bar getting pissed, cunts out dancing making a show of themselves, cunts going round recording everything that moves on their phone, animals with their heads in the trough again at half 10, the competition to stay up the latest, ‘the residents bar’

Post a picture that reminds you of a TFK poster

i was at one last year where the cunts had a basket of stuff left in the mens jacks. it was full of sweets, toothpaste, johnies, gum that sort of stuff and there was a poem of sorts attached to it. fuck me it would boil your blood


Jaysus I loved a good singsong in a residents bar back in the day. Slobbering and shouting and the likes, ah twas mighty. N’able at all anymore.


I’d say you’re a miserable cunt



The fucking ‘thunder thunder’ shite annoys me.

Some idiots even have photos of them and the lads with the ties over the heads and trousers rolled up in their houses.


i love to sit back and watch the happy couple bask in their glory as they fully engage in an emotional way in what they see as the greatest day of their lives, knowing that its not.


Na na na na na na nah



I was at a wedding there recently and the DJ played this song first. Fucking disaster, everyone knows it should be nearly the last one played at the end of the night so you can be full to gills and go full roaster


I think you might be projecting some of your own issues around marriage onto other people mate.