Wedding Etiquette


Talking about pigs to the trough!

I don’t mind Galway Girl though. It is a necessary evil.


I do a savage air guitar.


There was a h’onrale version of riverdance done at the last wedding I was at. This one, who used to do a fair bit of Irish dancing, actually did it properly and the place went buck ape. Lads pounding the floor with their fists the works. Primal stuff.


Not a hait wrong with that.

At least it was a bit different.


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the place went buck ape. Lads pounding the floor with their fists the works. Primal stuff.




Fuck me I’d say the walls were sweating after that. Couldn’t even imagine the stampede for the large bottles of cider and pint glass with ice, once it was done.


Closest I saw to that was in the now defunct Nitelinks nightclub in Mohill where a bunch of young lads were dancing to the Jumbo Breakfast Roll. I thought someone was going to get killed.


I’d cry from laughter for an hour if I witnessed that and then i’d probably go outside and hang myself off a tree.


A few of you seem to have mistakenly logged on to instead of


I like to see a bit of a punch up at a wedding . Not too big but something that offends .


Is this not


What about your rubby network?


There was a great fight in the jacks at my brothers wedding, cunts off their heads on drink and jimmy white, a right few slaps thrown so there was


It’s families like yours that give travellers a bad name.


All worn out. 40s and funerals next


i was at a few last year where id loved to have seen one of them muslim lads arrive in with an automatic weapon and open fire for a few minutes


the first dance then is another one, id be cringing like fuck at the cunts


and the spray tan, fuck me the oirish women loves their spray tan for an auld wedding