Wedding Etiquette


Wouldn’t be too bad if it was just the women


Timing the speeches then another little favourite of the Oirish
Counting the thank yous all the go now. A few awful sad cunts sitting there at the table keeping record and a big roar of laughter when the speeches finish up when everyone realise Noreen has pipped Theresa by 2 thank yous to win the kitty.


Accurate except you don’t want to win.


Winning that shite is a scourge. Up to the bar to buy a round of shite that ends up costing you more than you won and having to bring it back down to the rest of the savages


Irish weddings are very uncivilised, you only see it after you go away to a proper country, big thick bastards getting ossified on drink until 5 in the morning, like it is something to be proud of




Any trouble in the men’s toilet ???


Spending a fortune of money on new suits and then spending 12 hours acting like an absolute animal and getting it destroyed with piss and liqueur.


absolute animals


I was at a wedding 2 years ago on the mainland and it was really civilised in comparison
There was a Oirish crowd at it alright who made a holy show of themselves roaring for liquer at about 11pm when the English were going home. The groom was Oirish and he had asked the hotel put on plenty of spuds as his crowd were mad for shpuds.
It was in a beautiful little village called Woburn.


You wouldn’t be too far from Milton Keynes there, I know it well


I was at a wedding in England one time and it was a lovely experience. At 11.30pm people started forming a queue for the exit. No pushing and shoving, no smell of sweat, no one with a tie tied around their head, no one staggering around pissed. I was back home in bed at midnight, it was ideal.


I can’t believe you posted that at the same time as me. I’d a very similarly civilised experience at a wedding in England.


the Oirish would be up til 5 getting shitfaced, then getting the breakfast (big disgusting fry) at 10am and drinking pints with it, big red sweaty heads on the dirty bastards


I was at a wedding lately and was talking to a few lads in attendance afterwards. A few of them were up so late in the residents bar that they decided to forego going to bed and instead drink through to breakfast time at 7.30am or whatever it was. Straight from the residents bar then into the breakfast room carrying pints and after a big dirty fry they all went their separate ways and into bed for a few hours kip before check out. Serious roasterish behaviour. The Oirish have an awful unhealthy reliance on drink. I put it down to savage low self esteem.


Sounds terrible


There wouldn’t be much of a rush to the door at 1130 at most weddings mate, why wouldn’t you head off to bed when you want to??


I can never understand heavy drinking at a wedding. Sitting in a hotel lobby drowning pints until five or six in the morning




We’ve all done it