Wedding Etiquette


It’s my neck of the woods literally


MK is a funny auld spot


“Irish Catholicism displayed an obsession with the materialistic which might have made less institutionally religious societies squirm with envy. Not other worldly values, but a very intense ‘this worldly’ concern with social status characterised Catholic society. This was not in the least surprising. Their social betters, the Protestant upper-classes, preached and practised the social primacy of the professions, particularly of the Church, law and medicine, over trade.” (from “The Modernisation of Irish Society 1848 - 1918: From the Great Famine to Independent Ireland” by Joseph John Lee)


Lots of roundabouts up there and every place looks the same, I’m down near Woburn, it’s a smashing spot, a proper village you could say


There is only one true holy Roman Church.

The professions only opened up to Catholics once free second and indeed third level plus family planning was introduced in Ireland. Hard to become a doctor or lawyer from a family of ten.


Not wedding related, but I have it in mind to take a holiday in middle England this summer and just potter around a load of these quaint villages after bringing the car across on the ferry. This England seems like a magical place.


You should pal.


Rural England is fantastic, there’s pubs that look like nothing where you’ll get a feed to rival the top restaurants in Ireland, lovely people as well


It is truly magical, you might not want to leave. So much to do and see, the history…


Went to a wedding reception during the recession that had been bought on Groupon


Is there much history about the attempted Genocide of the Irish people about the place?


Woburn is a beautiful part of the english countryside. It’s a pleasure arriving into a small village that hasn’t had 10 very poorly designed and constructed townhouses planted alongside the road that havent seen a lick of paint since the day they were built. Ye have a very very good safari park nearby too.


snowzone up the road aswell


None whatsoever


Center Parcs is a stones throw from the house and central London a short spin 35 min spin on the train. Wrest Park 5 mins away. I’m truly blessed


its a great country


I have it mind to do a few days around Cornwall myself sometime.


Cornwall is an amazing part of the world


its unreal down there


Get yourself married and you’ll get over and back still in profit.