Wexford GAA 2018


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I vividly remember him talking about it in some video I watched that was released to celebrate the All Ireland win. It had Jimmy Magee commentating on the final for some bizarre reason.


There haven’t been too many all Ireland’s since. Don’t know if such preparation went into each game that year tbf .


That’s a gas video, Magee clearly was commentating after the game was over. At one point he says ‘If I know Storey he’ll score from here’.

With regard to the planning, Griffin even had them paint the large logo onto the training field so they’d be used to it.


i think Liam Dunne mentioned it in his book too.


Ah lads, when you had the likes of Ger Cushe, Liam Dunne and Eamon Scallan on the one team planning on playing with 14 men was hardly a master stroke. It was more like planning for the inevitable.


What ever about Cushe & Dunne, Scallan had very little else to offer.


None of those players had been sent off while playing for Wexford up to that point in time. Ger Cushe never was and Scallan only was that one time.


Truth be told we may have been better off without Scallon that day.


Definitely. I thought Paul Finn had earned the start after his cameo against Galway in the semi-final.


Let it go lads. We won the All Ireland.


Well if it isn’t the Patron Saint of Lets Kill the Craic himself.




Thanks for clearing that up.


Ye will hammer Clare


I will be in Cusack Park tomorrow evening scouting our potential AI final opponents while half heartedly supporting my adopted county @Bandage @Mac


God speed young man


I can’t go as it’s clashing with Michael Buble (cc @Fagan_ODowd).

Please provide a brief match overview with considered observations on tactics and individual players.


Will do boss


Did you see the team pal? U21 farce has hit us hard.