Wexford GAA 2018


Good man Joe. Hope ye batter those Galway cunts


I don’t know will we be able for them I can see pain


Gorey to Cork is 3 hours.


Jackie having a pop here


The twee show last night featured Lee Chin . He looks huge , built like a tank but probably way too big for hurling ??


Having met him in person he struck me as a serious athlete.


God yes but is he carrying too much muscle ?


I wouldn’t have thought so. Look at the Aussie rules guys, they can move, and he’s not as bulky as them. Sound guy as well.


nah he’s fairly lean pal…


A move back to midfield next year will suit Chin, he was lost this year on the wing. He’s a great lad and I think all this nonsense that Jackie Tyrell has been writing about him is a bit unfair. Amatuer player and if he wants to sit on his hole and draw the dole so be it.


He’s hardly on the dole?


I dont think it is unfair to be honest. He is an amateur player and has to get up for work in the morning* and all the other cliches, but Chin puts himself out there for this sort of criticism. He is the one courting the media attention. He is the one doing the interviews, the TV shows, the media gigs and awkward sponsorship photo ops. If you go out looking for media attention, then your game will be scrutinised more. It will also bring negative media/hurler on the ditch talk. Chin is getting the media attention, and it isnt all positive. Thats the way media works.

I’ve long been a critic of his latest endeavours. If he played to his brilliant potential, the media stuff will come naturally to him. He doesnt need to be chasing it. Only he will know if it is having a negative affect on his game. But he was very poor this year,not just on his own standards, but he was very weak in a lot of games and one of our worst performing forwards and at times was hard to justify his place based on his form. He needs a boot up the hole from his agent or someone close to him. Go back to college or whatever, but occupy yourself during the week rather than doing nothing.

*he doesnt have to get up for work though


In fairness, he probably doesn’t have to court it, it comes to him.


He courts the shit out of it ffs.


Fair enough lads but I still think Tyrell is a bollox.


Sure just say that then. We’ll all agree with that


Great Post, the critical point being Chin set up the media spotlight and drew the fanfare onto himself exactly without Jackie even highlighting the issues surrounding what he done.

I look at the most successful hurling team of all time in Kilkenny which achieved 4 consecutive all Ireland titles in a row. Not one player would even contemplate what Chin did. Think this shows you the true secret to Kilkenny’s outstanding success.



Was there none of the lads with a sponsored car willing to spin up?


Lee Chin was tied up with work.


That sounds utterly bizzare.

I’d say it’s more likely the lads were on the beer in Lahinch with @Mac and they bumped into Davy. “Eh…we came up to ask you to stay on next year”