Wexford GAA 2018


That’s some load of pure rubbish


That’s certainly far more plausible than a bunch of Wexicans purposely getting a bus to Clare just to ask Davy to flog them to death for another year.


That’s twice in three weeks since we’ve been knocked out that Brendan has rang Davy and been told that the players really, really want him to stay so they do. :laughing:


I see St. Martins were out in Senior hurling last night, and will be out in Senior Football tomorrow night…

a joke of a set up…


Players want games, they should be hopping off the ground this time of year. Be grand.


Do you know why though?


i heard they wanted fixtures changed due to a fundraiser?


yup. They requested both games to be changed. Sent a letter in about the first one, about how they needed it put back due to player fatigue etc. Then when that was granted they sent a second letter in requesting the football then be changed and brought forward to before their fundraiser. Their own doing completely, but I find it particularly surprising given the flimsy nature of changing games for them after the hassle the Annes got a year or 2 ago when they requested one weekend changed months in advance and had agreement with their opposing club to move a fixture due to a players wedding abroad and it wasnt granted.


even to have it on Sunday, or is there a wedding this Saturday?

Im sure Castletown wont be in charitable form anyway


on a separate note, this is how the website has the table for group B of the Intermediate hurling. poor aul Leap Rangers not even played a game yet.


Website is a shambles this year…


I never thought of that. I see the Anne’s are out on Monday and Friday though. It’s a fucking joke.


Are Tara Rocks the hurling part of Kilanerin now or wtf?


Yeah. Bullshit set up. Tara rocks don’t field in football and Ballyfad (Kilanerin) don’t field in hurling. Because of that, players are legitimately allowed to play for a neighbouring club. So they have a gentleman’s agreement of sorts that Tara rocks will kick with Kilanerin and vice versa for hurling.

How it was allowed I’ll never understand. Tara rocks have the pick of Gorey town, but instead of working at that, they went for amalgamation instead. Kilanerin will be delighted. Already got back up to senior and doing well. Once they are sorted, it’ll probably revert back, they’ll be fine and Tara rocks will be fucked after years of neglecting to make themselves stronger.


But Ballyfad always had a hurling team? Oscillating between junior and intermediate. Is there many kilanerin lads hurling?

Do Naomh Eanna/Ballygarret (Freudian slip) not have the pick of Gorey? And indeed the best of Ballygarret.


Geographically they may well do but in all reality about 90% of the town would choose Naomh Eanna over them


Yeah Ballyfad did have a hurling team, but now those lads line out for Tara rocks. Even had a second team as far as I know. So both clubs with second sides more or less saw their numbers half.

Naomh eanna do have the pick of the town alright. and oddly, Castletown also have the pick of the Gorey parish as their ground is in the boundary line of Gorey. Spoken about previously on here.

Yeah, definitely true, but surely they should target the new schools or at least do something to get some numbers in rather than being Kilanerins bitches.


I’m hearing that Davy has agreed to stay on for another year. Will also be taking charge of the under 20s.


:rofl: :dembele:


Good luck money money :moneybag: