Wexford GAA 2018


Lee Chin played a bit of football this evening for the sars. Not named on program, but made an appearance anyway. They lost, so looks likely they’ll be in another relegation final. The Jimmie’s lost to taghmon tonight too, so they’ll be fighting to avoid being in that relegation final.


What’s the verdict lads, I kinda thought he would stay on but I wasn’t expecting him to take charge of the under 20s too.


Fuck sake


He’s moving to Wexford full time for the year


what’s he work at? is he still a publican?


going on yesterday one would think the jimmies are fucked…


Is that guaranteed now?

Surely they’ll come unstuck on the relegation final tightrope eventually.


Sars are on 0 points with 2 games left against Martins and Castletown. Fethard are on 2 points. So Sars need to win both games and hope Fethard lose both (to Castletown and Kilanerin) to have any chance of not being in the relegation final as Fethard will have the head to head advantage over them.

I’m not sure why Sars bother so hard to win that last relegation game. They do fuck all during the championship and then make this huge burst to get everyone back and their best possible team out just to stay up. If they do end up going down, there’ll be serious competition in the town then for football. Wouldnt surprise me to see Maudlintown pass them out soon enough.


He’s a full time manager with Wexford.




It seems they put in some effort this year. In that they actually got a practice match before the 3rd round.




Our lads were playing yesterday, game ended in a 1 point victory, they spent the last five minutes doing keep ball, thinking they were the Dubs. Turns out the score board was wrong and the ref had the score wrong too. Low an behold two hours after the match ends he announces he’s reviewed his notebook and it was actually a draw. Fuck sake.




who was reffing?

same thing happened us in Hurling last week alas the ref did not review his notebook…




I think it was James Flood


shocked he backed down…

the score keeping needs to be taken away from officials it’s getting ridiculous…


And be kept by who? Supporters?


We have an ould boy who is great at it. He can keep track of the scores of about six matches on the back of a brown envelope