Wexford GAA 2018


very good.

i meant referees.


Why didn’t you say that then?


Same reason your parents decided to have children, we all make mistakes.


Only realised seeing tables today that sars have already played the Martin’s so cannot pass Fethard out and are guaranteed to be in the relegation final.


It was real relegation 4 pointer so, wasn’t it?


Fethard could win the championship yet.



Will he be managing the under 20s as well?



“Davy to remain at the realm of Wexford Senior Hurling…”


Who writes this stuff?


Jesus, things didn’t work out great for @smark



a fairly nothing interview, again, from Chin. Pointless stuff. The “full time” hurling may or not be affecting his performances on the field, but putting himself out there so much for media stunts and publicity puts a big fat target on his back for criticism if he doesnt perform. As a result, and although he denies there is pressure on him, there is no doubt there is undue pressure to perform because of it. I’d also disagree that people in Wexford are positive and all behind them. Reactions to Davy being reappointed was very mixed. Some happy, many not. Wexford did not improve at all on last year, and if anything, you could say they regressed a bit. People want an upward curve in performances to be happy. It may not always be about winning titles, but performing to capabilities. There is no way the way they went out against Clare was the best they could have performed that day.


Your Chin vendetta and hatred of Wexford town and Malaysia is getting very tiresome.



I like both Chin and Wexford town pal. however I think Chin is a very good hurler but is far from achieving his full potential and I think the possibilities of Wexford climbing to the next level in the pecking order hinges on the likes of Chin and McDonald playing to their best as they are the hurlers with most talent on the panel. Further to that, if Conor Mac came out and was all over the place with interviews and being a full time hurler, I would also have as much criticism for him too. Time and place for it, be successful and perform and you will get your publicity.

Malaysia I would take or leave. Nice enough place but their obsession with Kuala Lumpur being a little England and proud of being a colonial city irks me.


Chin and Ciaran Kilkenny are brand ambassadors for whichever company (Sure? Beko? Someone else?) and have been at promotional events in Croke Park on a few occasions since the spring. The latest one was the other day and, as before, a few journalists attend, take a few quotes and draft up an article. Of course it’s a nothing interview but it’s not a stunt - he’s just attending the thing. He’s there to wear some brand clothing, puck a few balls and give some bland platitudes. If your issue is that he shouldn’t do any of these sponsorship events at all then that’s a different argument.


Mcdonald and Chin will never be able to play to their best under Davy. None of them will. In particular McDonald, potentially one of the best hurlers we’ll have for years.
He doesn’t fit in the system and the system is god.
Except it isn’t, its shit. Its shit, its shit, its shit.
The hype is there, we’ve had some great wins in the league, we got to a Leinster final. And then we got blown away by Galway, Waterford and Clare teams who have systems but can adapt them and allow their players to actually play and do their thing from time to time.
Next year, great League campaign, won’t reach Leinster final, get blown away in a Qf by 13 or 14 points. Rinse and repeat.
Fuck off Davy.


yeah I get it.s not a stunt, never said it was. Just the endless articles, comments etc get nauseating. He is with Beko and Sure as it happens. Amongst many, many others.

Look it, a lad has to make what he can out of all this and no one should begrudge him a few quid to make as much hay as he can. I just think he is going about it all the wrong way and there are better ways to make hay at this lark than pimping yourself out to every single marketing contract going. I’ve said it before, but he;'d be far better off trying to get something sorted now for a long term sustainable income rather than hopping from a few hundred quid week to week as there will come a time very soon when he wont be the name or face that the marketing companies want. the others who are at this, Ciaran Kilkenny, Joe Canning, etc have been there and won it. They have performed on the biggest stages and made their name.


You used the term “media stunt” in your initial post this morning, albeit not saying this was specifically one.

Chin’s mistake was allowing that wanker Joe Molloy to go on with his guff in that Off The Ball interview ages ago…

“I understand you’re not working at the moment and want to focus all your energy on hurling. Can you talk about that decision and your thought process in making it?”

He should have cut him off and said he wasn’t going to talk about his employment status but instead tried to justify himself and so triggered the follow up articles and questions on it. I’ve said before that he’s not all that media savvy despite generating interest and cultivating a bit more himself.

Overall it’s disgustingly hypocritical that a social justice warrior like Molloy has created a climate where Chin is being bullied online for not pursuing a traditional career.