Wexford GAA 2018


yeah the interview wasnt the media stunt I referred to, more his collection of work for the past 12 months or more.

Joe Molloy is a wanker, and good to see you have a cut off him here, but Chin was more than happy to reveal it to him. And if it wasnt him, he’d have done it with someone else. He seems to think that revealing this made him out to be very dedicated and on his game and a feather in his cap rather than a stick people would use to beat him with.

and thats the crux of it there. His agent needs sacking and Chin needs to get into DCU or DIT or UCD or wherever and get a marketing or journalism course sorted. Play stick ball in college and get a grant and scholarship and get some learning out of it for when he will end up wanting to get onto the Sunday Game full time when he retires after captaining Wexford to winning the All Ireland final.

by the by, if Chin had come out this year and played lights out and was brilliant and a certain all star, I’d have little issue with his side gigs. If that makes me hypocritical or whatever, then so be it. But if you are using your personality as a hurler to garner media attention, then you’d better make sure your hurling is unquestionable.


I disagree and I don’t think Chin was boastfully revealing it to Molloy or seeking acclaim for focusing solely on hurling. I think he just responded truthfully and said he wasn’t working, and then expanded on that when pressed as he’s an affable enough sort and maybe a little naive. He was in DIT during Dunne’s last year or two but it was short lived.


So you’re saying @Gman is a racist? A banning required surely.


Huge win for the Jimmie’s over Glynn tonight, losing 2-6 to 0-4 at half time, they won 2-13 to 2-9 with 2 late goals. They now sit 4th in the table, leap frogging Gusserane and taghmon. Gusserane by virtue of their poor scoring difference now sit in the relegation spot. If either Gusserane or taghmon win tho, St James will go back to the bottom due to head to head record as they lost to both of them.


His mistake must be good money


Taghmon were hammered by Starlights and now take over bottom spot by 3 points. Gusserane play Shels next. The last round of games will be very tight. St James have a good scoring difference in comparison to the other pair, so will have to hope both lose their remaining games*. Sars sitting waiting in the final could cause a shock.

*which they cant, didnt realise Gusserane play Taghmon in the last match and St James’ play Starlights. So the jimmies definitely need to get a result in their final group game to avoid playing the townies in the final.


I’m hearing Wexford have been invited to the Fenway Classic. Great opportunity for Davy and the lads to finish the year with some silverware.


Or an excuse for Davy to start training/flogging lads this weekend.


I’m sure the 12 players who made the fateful bus journey to Clare will be panel certainties for the Fenway Classic and next year’s squad.


Since when did the hurlers and footballers split their fundraising activity?


For years


Big win for Naomh Eanna. Down by 8 points to Oulart at half time and go on to win by 2-22 to 1-17.




Cheerio Margaret I presume?


Harriers with a smash and grab over the Alley tonight to save their season. Alley now in relegation final. Looking like ferns in the other group to face them.


What a point by Chin to seal the win after the last gasp goal.



A goal that came from a free he made an absolute hames out of


He was flighting it in at crossbar height as a goal was needed at that stage in injury time. Worked a treat.


With 1 forward inside their 21? Go on outta that you chancer


Proof is in the pudding.