Wexford GAA 2021

One or two lads here will be hearing the call of home

There are a lot of very competant, professional people from many spheres of business heavily involved in Wexford GAA. One of them is a very good friend of mine and he’s said to.me they’re running it as a business, with accountability. And that’s the word. Accountability. There’s always going to be the hail fellow shite in GAA organisations, but there’s a lot of people here who aren’t fucking about. And that’s a great change.


You take a great interest for a Kildavin man in what your neighbours across the county border in Wexford are getting up to.

You know absolutely nothing about me. Maybe you should concentrate on not being such a horrible racist cunt than wondering about people’s providence.


There’s no need to be so angry about hailing from County Carlow. I lived in County Carlow for a few years when we first moved back from England. Its a grand part of the world.

You’re hilarious. There you are, in front of your COMPUTER with the cloak descended, trying to score points. You’re little life made necessary through scoring points on the INTERNET.
You’re the Dominic Raab of the forum, the one who thinks he’s smart
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It’s the early hours of Saturday morning in Australia and you’re quite possibly well oiled at this stage. No excuse or justification though for such vitriol and an extraordinary outburst of abusive and foul mouthed language. You’ve let yourself down very badly.

Eanna must be in that Job nearly 2 years at this stage?

A lot of things changed under the stewardship of the last 2 Chairmen, lets hope Micahel Martin can keep it going.

there is also a secretary to still be appointed if I am not mistaken

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And still you go on, desperately trying to justify your shite. You’ve been following me around this forum in your various guises like a lovesick puppy for years trying to land a blow and failing spectacularly all the time. You know absolutely nothing about me. But you think you do.
So I’ll leave you to your cloak and you’re pathetic little world. I’m not all that bothered about the shite that goes on in this forum. I try to share the odd bit of positivity and gardening advice. I’m not in a position to pass judgement on things in Ireland, so I don’t.
But you seem to think you can pass judgement on anyone.
But you can’t as you’re really just a horrible little racist shit who has no future to think of other than misery. Please just make us all happy and fuck off.


You called another poster a ‘horrible racist cunt’ and then you proceed with a series of long winded moralising tripe following it up with ‘a racist shit’.

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I see Niall Corcoran has been added to Davy’s back room team? Good coach

Jesus, is that the best you can come up with? I expected more. God knows why, you horrible racist cunt.

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he has a cushy gig in Dublin too.

where’s he from in Galway?

Meelick Eyrecourt, Brendan Lynskey country

ah, know it well.

Very East of the county between Ballinasloe and Portumna

Wow, template answer. I shouldn’t expect anything more.

i was out there a few times, Reds bar i think, it’s not too far from Banagher

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Correct, it’s on the outskirts of Nogra. It has a very eerie atmosphere to it