Hun is a real Wexford town thing.

How are you hun?

Any news hun?

What can I get ya hun?

Etc etc.

Edit: Some people might argue it’s “hon”.

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He missed duck which would be a big one with Gorey townies.

Michael puts up some fantastic stuff. He had a book out before Christmas. Would encourage all posters to buy a copy of still available.

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Ya I really enjoy reading his stuff. I’m big into the country dresser scene now.

Hun should be Hon and Son should be San

@briantinnion is right about Duck too. Its a huge Gorey one.

The Alannah and Pigeon ones still sound made up to me

Everything is made up

Your slow back track is painful to watch


My heels are firmly dug in

Alannah is one commonly used around my area of north Wexford. Interesting to see where it was derived from.

@TreatyStones he did the dresser and wider house of a deceased bachelor farmer from my neck of the woods just before his house was to be knocked to make way for a new dwelling. Pictures of old Wexford teams, old calendars, notebooks containing cures & transactions with neighbours. A beautiful snapshot of ordinary life in a country long gone.

He has a few pages on Facebook as he’s evolved - some stuff on his personal Facebook page, one called Macamores and then Folklore.

Yip I’m following him from the Facebook stuff. Really interesting and he puts it across well.

His 13 year old daughter is raking it in with making the St. Brigid crosses. Michael is the best of us.

For the record, I genuinely never heard of Allanah before either.

I’m updating my list

People who know stuff about Wexford
Michael Fortune

People who know nothing about Wexford


He’s some alannah

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Breaking - Paul Kehoe (FG) is NOT standing at next general election.

Cathal Byrne likely to step up I believe.

He’ll leave a wonderful legacy of….eh….ah.

Late to this but I imagine Allanah derives from “a leanbh” which is a term of endearment you’d often hear in the Connemara Gaeltacht. It translates as “my child”, I don’t know why it’s “a leanbh” rather than “mo leanbh” but both are fine, presumably.

A lad I know from around the Gorey area refers to people as “Sweat / Swet”, as in “How’re ya Sweat”, surprised it didn’t appear on the list.