What mobile phone do you have?


I bought the One Plus 5, I’ve had it for about 2 weeks. Absolutely brilliant phone, I have an iPhone 7 for work and the One Plus puts it in the hapenny place.


iPhone 8 launches in next few weeks, and then iPhone X comes out in October. X will cost something like 1300 quid. How the hell can people pay that for a phone. The world is fucked.


Great value for the money


The devil is six, pal.


Fools amd money are easily parted.


1300 euro is chicken feed, you orish must have a savage bad standard of living


Is it much different the depreciation on a new car? You probably use your phone more.

I don’t get all the hate about iPhone X, it’s a free market, if you don’t want to buy it then don’t. Equally if people want one then what’s the harm. There’s worse ways to spend money.

I’m fucking pumped for the iPhone X, slightly disappointed with the iPhone 7 Plus, limited enough evolution from my previous phone so I will upgrade at the earliest opportunity.


What will the X have that your previous, or other phones, don’t have?


It will update my profile at the NSA so they will have my face as well as my fingerprints. It’s also smaller than the 7 Plus, I regret going for a larger phone.


How much is it in the US?
I much prefer android to apple, having had both.
I agree entirely with what you are saying, but most phones are knackered after two years, so it’s built in obsolescence really, and I doubt there are enough features to warrant the price tag over and above other decent phones. You are hence, effectively buying a two grand handbag in brown Thomas, who’s sole role in life is to make insecure people feel better about themselves.
Still, there are people spend a lot more on a lot worse.


iPhone X is 999$ in the US. Add in sales tax too on top of that.

A phone bought in the US won’t work 100% here either. Network bands are different


Pretty sure that’s not true any more. It was back in the early/mid 2000s but not any more.


The Oirish operate verY backward technology that can’t support the latest phones from the mainland or the USA


So I checked this P9 out. It’s a grand looking phone for sure but it’d be a bit like buying a Dacia car. You’d think you were being clever but after ashort while you’d be mighty dissapointed. The UI doesn’t appear to be the best with this phone and battery life is said to be the poorest in the range. I’ll hold off for the S7 I think


TFK is about twice as fast on an iPhone compared to a modern Android device. I know most people buy phones with tfk browsing in mind so that shouldn’t go unsaid.


I have worked with Huawei. All the execs had iPhones


iPhone 5 and tis grand .


Not sure if serious or not


I’ve a 4 year old iPhone 5 and it’s Started to get a little sluggish.

Think I get a Samsung Galaxy A5 on a good price/plan through work. Anyone use this?

Have never owned an android


I had an S6 for two years and it’s a fine phone. No issue with it. But I was out of contract and wanted to move to Vodafone because coverage where I live is best on Vodafone. I got the P9 a couple of weeks ago. The only tangible downgrade from moving to the P9 is that it doesn’t have wireless charging, which as I mentioned is a bit of an impractical feature anyway so it’s a negligible loss. On the other hand I’ve noticed a substantially better battery life in the P9 relative to the S6. You also have other benefits like sd card drive[S6 doesn’t have one, S7 does]. The camera is also noted as being a best of breed but I’m not much of a camera person. The S7 and P9 are quite comparable phones barring the price you have to pay. The main knocks on the P9 from reviews was with the UI and the battery. I’ve had no issue with either. I’ve set my phone up identically to how I had the S6 so I’m not really understanding the complaints around the UI and as I’ve mentioned the battery is noticibly better in the P9. It holds a charge much better than the S6 did.

Huawei sold just under 133 million phones in 2016. They trail only Apple[216m] and Samsung[306m] in sales. But the top two brands come with an inbuilt premium based solely on brand name. The parts that go into android phones are quite homogenised and they use the same operating system and app store so you have to ask yourself what you’re getting for your money when you pay more[or in this case, anything at all] for a high end Samsung phone. The iPhone is an even higher level of brand premium which is all the more baffling when you consider the total lack of real innovation within the Apple ecosystem for a number of years. They have no competition within their ecosystem so they can charge that extra premium and frame themselves as a luxury brand as most people are reluctant to jump from Apple to Android or vice versa. At the end of the day it’s just personal preference but I have no interest in the Apple ecosystem and within the Android ecosystem the best high end value is available away from the premium brand.