What mobile phone do you have?


In that you had to hand over 700 for it to happen?


Got a Samsung Galaxy S8, lovely phone. Plan with Virgin Mobile, as my missus has been with them for years. We did a buddy introduction type deal and she got a free upgrade to an S8 out of it. Young lad got mummy 's S7 and a major data increase. All for free with new work paying the bill.


Ok so, would you recommend I jump from my trusty HTC ONE M8s which no longer has a adequate battery life to the P9? Herself has the S6 btw, the battery is cat with it. You’ve me almost convinced. I’ll he heading to town tomorrow afternoon to test drive the p9


a lot of oddballs overly concerned about phones on here


Can you get TFk on this bad boy?



Just ordered a z5 to replace my z3 which is knackered after two years.


I’m serious.

TFK runs on a javascript framework called Ember.

An iPhone 6 will load a benchmark Ember js app in 60-120 ms.
An iPhone 7 about 10% quicker.

A Samsung S6 will do the same job in 400 ms.
That’s down to about 180 on an ultra modern Android - OnePlus 5 etc.




FAO iOS users, iOS 11 update should be released this evening around 6pm. I’d advise ye not to update it for a while. There are a few issues with it.


Picked up my new Sony xz today, bought new and unlocked for cash off what it transpires was a pakistani taxi driver at the back of work in rochdale.
Haven’t tried to start it yet.


I’ve a work iPhone I detest so I’ll be updating at 6 :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t bother, it won’t start. Sony make the worst phones in the world.


It’s running great. Just hope Ahmed isn’t downloading all my data as we speak.


I have one. its basically a s7 without the frills, works perfect, great battery life, picture quality etc


Think the work phone is an A5. I griped a bit when I saw it coming, bit of a builders phone* but works away grand, no problems.

*nothing against builders


Work gave me A5 too. Seems grand.


I have an A3 for over a year now - it is the standard work phone for us.
Works fine. The 3 network is a far bigger problem.


I don’t know how anyone sticks with them.
They lure in the decision makers with generous data and handset allowances, but the network and service afterwards is a disaster.


I have a work and personal phone. One on eir and one on 3. No discernible difference in service


Vodafone is where it’s at for business