What mobile phone do you have?


What are they bringing to the table


You’d want your head examined not to be on Vodafone


Phone coverage


:grin: they have the best coverage in fairness, data speeds is like night and day compared to any other network. I had to move from Vodafone to Three recently and I’m not liking it. Don’t have a choice unfortunately.


What speed would you get off vodafone 4g?


A million


FFS - lads needing business phones solely to access TFK and whinging about speeds :grinning:


The speeds in Drom are grand :grimacing:


My contract with 3 ran out a few months ago, no discernible difference to my bill now and what I was paying under my supposedly special deal. Has anyone changed network recently? Any good options out there??


I got 27 mbs with 3 in cork city
You must be sittinh under the mast are you


Usually 40-50 Meg out in the sticks. I don’t have enough to download the speedtest app with three


I got 37mbs in the sticks with 3 on 9th of august per the speed test history. Usually mid 20s


Jesus Christ. That’s not even Africa standard. How do you Muldoons manage? Why can’t you get a proper infrastructure



Is Stoke on Trent in Africa?

But I suppose Peru and Estonia are leading the way with 4G infrastructure.


Clamping of the year award sown up




I’m after buying a new phone, still with three and it’s a diffent ball game altogether. Satisfactory download speeds at home now and mobile reception fine everywhere. These mobiles last no length nowadays


It’s like they start acting up when the latest model is close to being released!


And that’s fierce bad news for me cos I only buy phones that have been out at least a year. Same with cars


I’ve decided to stick with my four year old iPhone for another while. It’s still working Away grand.