What mobile phone do you have?


My contacts book was fucked with too many names, multiple numbers and linked accounts.
So I tidied it up this evening for the past half hour.
15 names dead surprised me.


Unless you haven’t updated it in 20 years this sounds like something the police would be interested in.


Natural causes for all.


Got an iPhone 8 this morning and managed to switch over from an iPhone 5 all by myself, pretty seamless and uncomplicated.
Happy enough with the 8 so far. Very very fast compared to the 5.


You mug. The 8 will be out of date by next Friday


FFS @Mac he’s been going around with an iPhone 5 , do you think he’s bothered with being out of date


True enough, he’ll be buying the X for his child this Christmas anyway


Yep. She said she can’t have an 8 if her dad also had one. I’m getting her the x.


Recommendations for a new android please gents. Something that wont break the bank and i dont want to get in to a contract as i’m not gonna be in ireland for the next 2 years. I see those sony experias are cheap enough are they any use? I have been using the htc one m8 but the battery and screen are. Would I be foolish just getting one of them again or is there better options available?


Have a look at the OnePlus range

The 3T is 440 and the 5 is 500 I think


Wife got the new xperia sim only for 220. Main reason she went for it is the camera outdoes the competition by miles. I’ve had two xperias now and couldn’t really fault them


Informative. Thats more in my price range seeing as I will only end up losing the cunt of a thing anyway.


I had a sony a few years ago. Worst phone ever.


Battery went to shite after no time on my sony


Anyone got the oneplus five? @KinvarasPassion maybe? I’m probably going to order it because I had the oneplus one for a few years until the screen broke and with it the sensors. The oneplus one was an unbelievable phone.


I got one a few months ago, thinks there’s an updated 5T out since, but I don’t know what the difference is.


5T has the fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone and there’s less bezel around the screen.

Same RAM and Battery as the 5.

OnePlus 5 probably the value of the 2. You’re not missing out on much


Is it a good phone lads or would ye go with something else if given the chance again?


Mate bought a OnePlus 5 about a week before the 5T was announced! Apart from being annoyed at that he’s very happy with.

They are a quality phone tbf, 6GB Ram on a phone is mad :joy::joy:


First time away from Apple so took a bit if getting used to but very happy with it