What mobile phone do you have?


I bought the One Plus 5 in September, it’s unbelievably good, I can’t recommend it enough.


My one plus one will be three years old in January. Battery is starting to go to shit. Will upgrade to the 5t in the coming weeks


My oneplus one was about the same age and in really perfect order. About six weeks ago the sensors went so i was unable to unlock or use. For €100 i got a new screen installed and it worked perfect again until i cracked the screen over the weekend and again the buttons are unresponsive. I must have damaged the sensors again. I’m not spending another hundred repairing it but with the next phone i’ll have a protective screen/case. The oneplus one was the greatest phone i ever owned. Brilliant camera and battery, plus fully charged in 30mins.


Make sure you get a tempered glass screen protector. The best fiver you’ll ever spend.


No mate, I’ve a work Samsung yoke these days. My one plus one spend a night outside in the rain and that was the end of that


6GB Ram on a phone is mad and of no use


You’ve obviously never mined crypto currency mate


you got me there


We must set up a TFK mining pool :moneybag:


If you could mine bitcoin from badmind we’d make a small fortune


I unboxed my new OnePlus 5T this morning and have been using it all day. First impressions are it’s unrealable.


Would you say it’s a game changer?


I need a new phone and I’ve a voucher for a few hundred quid for Compu B but I don’t want an iPhone so that’s a pain in the hole. Currently on a sony phone and don’t want the hassle of switching from android back to apple, also no headphone port on iPhones is putting me off.


Don’t get an iPhone so


As the resident tech expert I’ll take your advice on board.


Not sure about a game changer as i haven’t enough experience of the modern phone market but all I will say is it’s a very, very, very nice phone. It has facial recognition to unlock the phone which i really like as takes the work out of typing a pin or swiping a particular pattern.


There is an adaptor to link your headphones into the iPhone port.


So what, you plug your headphones into an adapter and that connects by Bluetooth to the iPhone? Sounds shite


No the adapter connects into the lightning port of the phone.

9 euro


You would make some money as a concierge in a fancy hotel kid :+1: