What mobile phone do you have?


Only tards use iPhones or apple products in general.




I’m aware that it’s a waste of time pointing it out but it can’t be more than 12 months since you were posting photos of an iPhone box from your porn dungeon.

Get a pair of these @glasagusban, gamechanger, no more leads bothering you.


This is your only job


The world is fucked


Big talk about Ireland’s digital age over last few years - Lady on news talk here saying Smart phones are a drug and 16 should be the minimum age for kid to get one. What we’re really learning is the web/ social media is doing untold damage to kids on multiple levels…

Who were the lads on here giving their kids a phone at 10/11 - @Brimmer_Bradley? who else? Shameful stuff.


Top of the range smart phones too.


You’ll be put in jail very soon for doing the same — They’ll look back in horror in 20/30 years at the carry on of such parents - You’re inflicting all kinds of damage on kids.


Them blue tooth head phones will put tumours the size of golf balls in your thick Cark skull mate.


Its really does baffle me


Ha. Easy for the lads with either no kids or pre adolescent kids to commmet.
See how ye handle it rearing nerds of kids that are socially excluded because the kids can’t keep in contact with their friends.
Go find a parent of any child aged 10 or upwards that doesn’t have a handheld communication device of some description and we talk then.


That’s not the case at all mate, the first bit anyway, I remember looking into that one time.


What a Luddite. I suppose ye lads are scared of them new colour televisions too.



That’s exactly the attitude called out in the debate today - Weak willed parents are fueling it.


thats the way it is gone now, society is fucked, parents pandering to every demand


you’d want your head examined to wear Bluetooth headphones


WHO told you this


Bring your dog up for a while before you start advising the super dads.


Ooooft. Princess junior will probably get an iPhone20 for her communion while the dog shits all over the bed while @ChocolateMice is trying to sort out his fantasy NFL team


Out of the fucking park !!!
What a hit.