What mobile phone do you have?


I already have him toilet trained… How you getting along with your lot?


Fine. I make the odd mistake though because I never had a dog to practice on before having kids.


Hows the 5T going? @Smark


It’s unreal.


The lads tapping away on their phones surrounded by wifi signals all day worrying about a bit of Bluetooth :laughing:


You couldn’t make it up.
It’s gas the way it drives the here lads demented because my lads are tech savvy.


Its that fact that you wear these devices so close to the body. Headsets wedged around your skull emitting a low dose of radiation…

Hmmmm, carry on.


It’s mostly cunts who walk around all day with Bluetooth headsets so nice to see natural selection still works in the technological age :clap:


Where do you hold your phone when you’re on a phone call?


Point taken but phonecalls are generally brief whereas lads could have Bluetooth headphones welded around the circumference of their head for the day.


Whats the prognosis on fitbits pal


Does your car have a Bluetooth handsfree kit? If it does then it’s permanently scanning in the same way as that video, regardless of if it’s connected to anything or not. We’re all fucked either way unless we go back to the horse and trap


Has anyone ever attempted to change the battery on a One Plus phone before?

I see that batteries with changing kits are available for €20 or so online. Might give it a go as the phone is working perfect but the battery is starting to fail.


Have a look in YouTube for a tutorial video


@Copper_pipe, know anything about phone depot? Reputable retailer or what? Samsung galaxy S8 a cool 100 cheaper to buy with them than with three or most other shops.


Never heard of them to be honest…


I was watching the end of my daughters gymnastics class a few short weeks ago and the top group were doing a series of backward sumersaulty things.
Confident in the belief that she would never be able to do such a thing, I agreed that I’d get her a phone if she did. She informed me last night that she’s nearly there.
I have no intention of getting a nine year old a phone, but I’m not quite sure how to weasel out of this.
All advice appreciated.


“There you go love, I promised you a phone and I don’t break my promises”


Don’t make promises you can’t meet mate.

Buy her an ould Nokia


Ha! Great minds!