What mobile phone do you have?


That just seems a different type of dishonest


What’s the timeframe on the promise? By 2025?


There is that.
I was planning on evasion and obfuscation but she’s stubborn as a mule.


You’ve really backed yourself into a corner there. She’s motivated by the promise of the reward so if you renege on the reward you could really impact her motivations to do anything in future.

Bit of a rock and hard place.


Mate, it’s ok to change your mind and explain that to her… you’re the adult here… explain dangers of phone to her and apologise for making a promise that was not realistic at this point - that’s your bad etc. etc. And ask how you could make it up instead.

You changing your mind and briefly upsetting her is much better than giving her a phone for not wanting to seem like a bad parent… which ironically you will be if you cave in.


I think maybe I’ll do this. Her friends have them and apparently have a vindictive little WhatsApp group going.


christ… at 9? That’s fucked up… of course, they’re not to blame - their parents are encouraging this behaviour by giving them phones.


Is the Ireland move dead altogether? You could just blame her mother?


Maybe I read it here.

Advice was when your kid can explain why they should not have a phone is when they are ready for a phone.

Parents groups can organise hysteria around a rumoured released sex offender in an area but cannot organise a rule of no phones in the school til age x, the latter more likely to lead to damage, incidents etc but of course in their bailiwick and control


Move to some backwater like Athea @flattythehurdler and get her the phone. It won’t matter a jot as she’ll have no reception.


@flattythehurdler won’t have reception either then :sweat_smile:


New Samsung galaxy 8. Unreal, unbelievable. The infinity display is a gamechanger.


Great that you got a new. Phik.



Anyone here on the carphone warehouse id mobile network? They have gone into liquidation and will cease service on the 6th April. I need to change providers before then which could be a pain in the bollox as the phone is locked to their network.

They also included the following in their notification email;

“If you have an ID Mobile handset and there is a balance outstanding under your equipment contract I will be in further contact (by email or letter) by 30 March 2018 to arrange collection of future payments.”

Would I get away with ignoring them if they get in touch. How does the liquidator go about trying to recoup any outstanding balance? Will it be sold on to a debt collection agency and if i just ignore the cunts would it fuck up my credit rating?


What model phone is it? You might be able to get an unlock code cheap enough?


They have to unlock it for free anyway as they are shutting down but i know it usually takes a while for it to process. i could be wrong though. Will give them a call in the morning and find out. I have a samsung A5 that I got around six months ago so I still owe a couple of hundred for the handset.


If you’re in a panic to get in unlocked, you’ll get a code for about 10 to 15 euro on Ebay for it. What you could do is ask them to unlock it now and tell them you’re going on holidays and want to use a local sim…


Ah they will surely manage to unlock it before the end of the month. I’m more concerned about the possible savings on the price on the phone and the chance of saving a couple of hundred quid I can punt on cheltenham.


Actually I can get the unlock code myself online. problem solved.


Cancel any direct debit. Very often insolvency terminates contracts. You can string them out easy enough and if they keep chasing pay up if they issue court proceedings (debt collectors will pretend they have some authority - they don’t)

If The Viper shows up pay