What mobile phone do you have?


Would that have any impact on my shitty credit rating?


No - not unless they go to court and get a judgment. If they issue court proceedings you can pay (they will threaten them a few times )


+1 to this. Don’t dream of making further payments @alf_stewart.


Anyone on virgin mobile? How do you find it, thinking of switching for the s9


Im fairly sure they’re piggybacking of Three. Will be the same coverage as Three basically


It’s excellent alright. Can you stop photos and videos from whatsapp going directly into your photo gallery though? Some of the photos and videos in my whatsapp groups are, am, well I’d prefer if they didn’t go directly into my gallery. I nearly had a most unfortunate incident last week when trying to attach a receipt photo to my expenses on Concur.

cc @Spidey


Yeah just give it a google Horsey, you need to download a file management app.


I’ve googled it mate and what the INTERNET tells me to do doesn’t work. What’s the file management app called?


Any of you cunts ever sell an old mobile to one of the shady mobile shops in town? I have a couple of old iPhones that I should really sell, even for a couple of hundred. What do you do before you sell them to delete all of your personal data from the phone like gmail, banking, etc? Just restore factory settings?


Microwave is the only way to be sure


Your personal data would be pure gold alright.


A profile of a harmless rapist


You don’t understand what one of or both of those words mean, kid.


Give it to them as it is. They’ll wipe it for you.


Presume you’re pulling the piss?

Is there any helpful cunts on this fucking place at all.


I think there is two different types of resets, just do the one which sounds the most thorough. I think it’s “Erase all content and settings”. Data is nearly always recoverable, but not easily and not without great expense so unless you have some secrets stored on it that might be of interest to Russia, the CIA or Israel then I wouldn’t worry about it.


My nigga. Cheers, bro.


The jury at Southwark Crown Court heard how Glitter was arrested in 1997 after taking his Toshiba laptop in for repair to a branch of PC World in Bristol.


Not following you, mate?


Have a look on the CEX website and you’ll get a fair idea of what they’ll give you for them.