What mobile phone do you have?


You’re some kid.

I suggest the redundant Calling Mac series be replaced by Calling Young Pipe @The_Selfish_Giant. He actually is helpful not like that other hook nosed prick.




I’d say you love a bit of young pipe


Are Jack and Jill still taking old mobile phones? Do the decent thing @Horsebox


Ask Tom Humphreys


:grin:very good mac


Tech geeks

Would the P20 lite be a decent enough yoke?

My hithero trusty iPhone 5 seems to be coming near its end after five years


This is your only job pal. You could hop it off a cows arse in a parlour and she’ll still start up


My uncle actually dropped one of them years ago up the field while over for testing.

We found it a day later stuck under layers of muck and shite just outside the ring. Gave it a clean off and it still worked a treat.

But will I be able to get TFK on it?


Nah but you’ll be ankle to play snakes on it


Snake was some craic.


Addictive. I’d say if I went rummaging, I have one if those babies somewhere in the house


Bought the Y6 II there towards the end of last year. Can’t say I have any real problems, 16GB memory and 2GB of RAM and it was relatively cheap and cheerful. I am sure the more tech savvy will point out a few problems but as a user, I have to say I find it pretty decent. I had a Samsung Galaxy and a shite Doogee X5 beforehand and I would rate the Y6 II better than the Samsung (not even counting the Doogee as it was a complete hape of shite - it got me out of a hole).


Yeah ordered one there earlier
Cheap enough and will keep me going for next while. The old phone keeps dying. I’ll be on TFk 24 fucking 7 soon


Opted for one of those myself on Saturday after years with Iphone. Set it up yesterday and very impressed with it, would highly recommend.


THL Knight 2


nice one Jimmy.
Going to be delivered tomorrow so will update once I figure out how to use the bloody thing


Only for herself I’d still be here trying to figure it out, all grand and simple now that it’s up and running mind


Lads, I need a new phone. Decent storage/camera, bit of tfk and my email is about all that’s required I think. Don’t need it to be able to call my fridge or anything. I’m on a sim deal with Virgin so I’ll be buying it myself (well the company), so I’m not looking to spend megabucks. I’m on an old samsung which is on its last legs at the moment. What’s my best option?*
THanks in advance. cc @Rocko

*I’m currently lubing up my thumb.


If you’re sim only. This is the phone to buy