What mobile phone do you have?


Ta Art. Have you one yourself? If so,does it have any drawbacks? how childproof is it? I presume a fella can get otter style case for it?


I don’t have the current model but have had previous ones. the build quality is great and you’re getting a great lump of a phone for that price.

Yep you can get otter type cases for it.



Yeah one Plus is your best bed. I’ll second the slaphead from Humberside on this one.


Does it run on android? I wont have a pain in my hole trying to learn it? What about that new chinese brand?. A lad in a shop was telling me they’re deadly.


It does.

One plus is Chinese. They have lots of companies over there these days.


Xaomi or Huawei?

Your best bet is still OPO


Huawei p20


You know I’m wary of Chinese hardware, or indeed software. Have you this one plus fella too?


No. I don’t buy what I recommend. It’s important to maintain a professional distance.


Pretty much every smartphone has components made in China now.


I know. but pretty much every fella I knew in China went to Hong Kong to buy their tech for quality purposes.* Old habits die hard.

*(until Apple opened a giant rip off shop).


Nokia 6210. :phone::face_with_monocle:


As regards smart phones, as they now generally contain your entire life, and everything you need to function, doe lads change them routinely, even if they are still working grand, in case they break?
I bought mine new of gumtree from a Hackney driver in Rochdale it transpired, in a side of the road deal straight out of the wire, but it’s been flawless. Its now three years old, and if I lost all that’s on it I’d be screwed.


No. I hang onto it for dear life. My current Samsung 4/5 has no space left on it and a battery life of about 3hours it’s so old. It requires charging 2/3 times a day and I’m only now looking at replacement options


Only use a PayPal account to by the OnePlus. The sales site was hacked and harvesting credit cards a few months ago. Great phone all the same.


Pricing for the new premium XS Max in Ireland starts at €1,279 for the 64GB version, rising to an eye-watering € 1,679 for the 512GB model

This should knock some of the funboys back


The Xr comes in a nice few colours…


Do you have to pay an extra 350 quid for a metallic finish?



The Xr is the cheaper model with an anodised aluminium finish. Only has 1 rear facing camera compared to the other models. Uses a cheaper LCD screen instead of an OLED screen. Same chip as what’s in the Xs though.

879 Euro…


You’d need your head examined