What mobile phone do you have?


You’d want it examined if you are getting the 512GB model of the Xs anyway!


You’d want you’re head examined if you’re not getting it.


I’ll be honest and say I’m considering getting the Xr as a present from me to me for the birthday next month. :sunglasses:


How do you take a screenshot?




You just fucked up glenshanes ten in a row.


For anyone with an iPhone i’d recommend the update to IOS 12. Installed it on my 6 Plus yesterday and it’s noticeably faster.



I’ve noticed a significant improvement in Face ID since installing it.


I will be on West Coast in a few weeks. Thinking of changing from Apple Watch 3 to 4. The ECG on the 4 seems only available in US for now and is a game changer.


The ECG only got FDA approval the day before the Keynote!


The latest iOS 12 has a feature that allows you to use AirPods as a hearing aid

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deaf cunt


Replace the battery? Can you expand the memory?


I have. It’s not the battery. The new one emptied as well. It’s like the phone is on a ventilator and needs huge amounts of power. If you watch a video it goes red hot. And it hasn’t enough space to operate any of the systems on it. Basically, it’s an Opel Zafira with dementia.


Crossed with an LG telly


I’m lucky to be alive…




Enjoy bud. At least it won’t be wasted on you.
And happy birthday.
PS can you drag some similar minded friends on here?


I went all out and got the Xs :smirk:

I’m not inclined to tell any friends about the happenings on TFK!