Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?

To their credit, it was an absolute stroke of genius to put Louise Duffy into the 12-1 spot on Radio One. She’s brilliant and a great reset by the station to bring along the likes of me to keep listening at this time.

Does she go through the latest musical deaths every day?

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Would that be a dealbreaker for you?

Not at all. Sure Marty will cover them anyway

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Louise is a great bit of stuff. Delighted to see her get a decent slot.

Heather Small is 58 today. Louise had “Movin On Up” belting across our national airwaves

Should have been dedicated to Liz Truss.

Some lady called Grainne Brookfield standing in for Marty on lyric having a bit of a mare this morning. Having a bit of trouble with the buttons on the desk, announces one song them another is played. They played an ad for a concert on January 21st earlier.

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That girl who answered the call to the cash machine will be seething.

Was it won today?

She answered the call but called out the amount for Friday :hot_face:

Fridays was €92,736.88

Todays was €106,210.80

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Oh Christ, I wouldn’t even wish that on some of the cunts on TFK. :scream:

€106k gone abegging. Jesus.

When she knew it was 1-oh-something why did she give Friday’s answer? You’d feel sorry for her all the same

I find myself somewhat underwhelmed by Louise but I see where bucks of your age might favour it. To answer @balbec no, Paul Simon could be dead and Louise wouldn’t have it as snippet. The music is middling, this RTE album of the week shite is just that - shite, but Ronan was allowed get away with it.

I’ll review the position after another few weeks but it’s a weak 6/10 so far.


She would have had the message on the phone that they called her on if she managed to stall them for a few seconds :man_shrugging:

Some Ozzy bint on Newstalk there complaining about the confirmation and the ‘exclusivity’ of it. Sounds like she never did her due diligence before sending her kids to a Catholic school.

Read the bookface comments on this article. Its gas, most of the cunts complaining probably dont attend mass and refer the church as full of peados. But little johnny and mary have to do the communion in school so they can have an excuse to get a horse drawn carraige and have a piss up


It’s something in this country I’ll never get my head around.

Personally i couldnt give a toss. If the school doesnt do it, maybe, if the youngin isnt missing training or something. Im open to the idea that ireland has changed and several children in the class are of different faiths or beliefs and shouldnt have to sit through this shit, especially if paddy wants an excuse to go on the piss.

If you are a particularly religious person, you would go out of the way to include god in your childs life, outsode of the education system. Its fucking 2023 afterall