Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


It’s the ultimate flattery @backinatracksuit @Julio_Geordio @TheUlteriorMotive that I’m in your thoughts so much. Cheers guys


We’re here for you pal. As Chris Martin, may he rest in peace, once said

When the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can’t replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you


Thanks lad.


I’m spending a lot if time reading St the moment, even now I’m sitting peacefully, relaxing reading a local paper and it’s just occurred to me, I don’t think the radio has been switched off at all this week. RTE radio has been on morning, noon and night all week. It’s great company without even really being aware of what exactly is on. Brian Cathy has just piqued my interest there with a few stats on Mayo/Dublin on championship matters, apart from that and an odd time being aware that John Creedon is on it just soothes


Professional howya Imelda May on the Marty Squad this evening.


I heard Bertie and turned to lyric


Leo was on as well. Mystery train is on now.


I heard her on that. I’d say she made the most of the free bar today.


That she did. And she brought her mammy and daddy to Croker for the first time ever.


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I hear that 2fm breakfast show every morning for about 5 mins when I’m making my coffee and having a bowl of cereal in the canteen…those Bridget and Eamonn cunts … It is the worst pile of unfunny wank I have ever heard in my life. I remember lapsed poster @ChocolateMice getting into a rage about 8 years ago due to Colm and Jim Jim - which led to the cunt of the year comp - but these wankers surpass the zazy and whacky Colm and Jim Jim tenfold. I’m so mad I can’t even describe how bad these cunts are with the appropriate venom— How anyone can listen to Irish radio is beyond me.


2FM should be destroyed immediately, its a disgrace of a station. I challenge anyone to name me one redeeming feature about it. Even their website is shite. I challenge you to find anything redeeming about it. I’d perhaps consider Cormac Battle, but he works for 2FM so there’s obviously something wrong with him.



Larry Gogan


Larry Gogan died 10 years ago.


What is Dave’s Saturday morning gig like?


It’s obscene, dear INTERNET friend. It seems most of the output from 2fm, todayfm and those other commercial stations like spin and whatnot are aimed at the 15-34 market. But I don’t know anyone in that age range who tunes in for the wacky banter.


They just say anything that comes into their head — it’s so forced you actually feel like stabbing your eyes and cutting off your ears.


I have no clue, I forgot he was even on the radio tbh. Cant remember the last time I listened to him. God be with the days of tuning in for Fannings Fab 50 religiously.


I remember being up in the bedroom listening to him when supposed to be doing homework - Talking about the virtue of certain genres , introducing new music or having vital arguments like who is better, the Smiths or Morrissey etc. etc - It’s all fart noises on the radio now.


Fart noises and cunts talking about depression and chapsnat. Gobshites.