Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


Ha ha you said fart


Thought he just provided holiday cover for Tubbers at this stage.


These two cunts were in the LLS on Friday night. Now I can see that people will have different senses of humour but these two clowns were not funny in any way shape of form. A disgrace that they can steal a wage from the Irish TV viewer with this shit


We’re at rock bottom when it comes to TV and radio.


It all went downhill when Woolberto went online. Online is where its at now.


I was out in the car there earlier and I said I’d give Doctor Ciara Kelly a listen. Dull, dull, dull. That won’t last more than a few weeks.


Listening to a bit of John Kelly’s show last night. Enjoyable stuff.
Anyone remember the early days of Radio Ireland with John Kelly 7-9 and Donal Dineen 9-12?


John who? What does he play and where can he be found?


Rte Lyric fm. He is the anti John Creedon.


I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing?


Depends if your a Carkie or not



I’m just looking for a radio show that plays good music - a mix of old/modern and even a bit of world music also… And with a presenter that engages with interesting topics and the music at hand.


Misogynist pig.


Radio Novaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Who and what exactly?


Rock music, bro. Fair bit of shite on it too but better than the rest imo.


Not available outside the Pale I think


Well then he’ll just have to move to Dublin then, won’t he.


I don’t believe there’s any other solution.


Nova, it’s wall to wall small town music. The kind of music you could admit to listening to in a small town without fear of getting your head kicked in.