Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


Cheers bro … youre the only man here to go out of your way and answer people.


BBC 6 have some old John Peel shows up on their website if youre into that kind of thing.


the people who hounded George Hook out should be forced to listen to her.


They’re too busy searching high and low for something new to be outraged about.


John Kelly might fit the bill so.


John Creedon is exactly what you’re looking for mate, it’s like you flicked through the RTE guide for a description of his show, a LOI man and a huge fan of the Clash and most of the other stuff you stick in the Smashing Tunes thread.


It looks like Creedon and Kelly are the men I was looking for.


South Wind Blows on RTE1 is a good show. Eds songs of Praise on a Sun evening on Today FM often has a cracking playlist too.




Choose carefully, there will almost certainly be repurcussions from the insecure non Corkies.


You should give them both a listen and select according to your taste.


You will love John Creedon. A great man for a sandals and socks so he is


Anyone listen to songs in the key of life on a Sunday night. A lovely little show. She is a good presenter too. Can never find it on podcast app tho


Lyric fm.
Based on what you said, think you’ll enjoy the show


I’ve just tuned in to John just there… lovely bit of what sounds like experimental drum and bass playing.


Ah - it was Aphex Twin… just caught the tail end of end … A fellow Limerick man to open the show - unrale.


Ah lovely.


He’s only gone and played two more from the great man…


Ah jaysus I’ll have to listen to it on playback.


I turned on about 12 mins past the hour when the first tune was in full flow and he more or less said fuck it lets keep going… Can’t place the album