Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


It could be the Richard D James album


Indeed it was - Classical theme to the night… Your man on the cover is the bulb off @farmerinthecity


Fucking ringer for him.


@Fagan_ODowd “Autobahn” on the mystery train at the moment


Yes it’s all about Moog tonight I believe. I’ll listen to it on the playback when I have a quiet couple of hours.


I went for a spin the mothers car, wall to wall coverage of the British premiership on almost every station, you’d hardly even get it in England ffs, why are the Oirish so obsessed with Britain and British culture?


It’s a disgrace. I gave up listening to Irish radio on a Saturday because of it. Who in their right mind gives a shite if Brighton are going to beat Arsenal, not to mind getting updates on it every 3 mins. I detest soccer and anything to do with it.


The only other pastime of note happening today involved horses getting flogged around fields in fairness



Defend yourself


C103 had the live double header from pairc ui rinn this evening and two more football games tomorrow. Dont be a sheep stuck on newstalk and today fm. Broaden your mind man


ah yes, Ballybollix v Fucktonville in the second round of the cork (weirdo) intermediate hurling championship sponsored by Beamish with some bloke with a rob heffernan accent commentating, think i’ll pass on that one


If there was a good mass on from Ballybollix youd listen to it








Kelly playing a great selection tonight.

Listened to 5 songs so far never heard a single one before but all crackers.


We could be posting this every night. He’s just played two cracking orchestral versions of hendrix. Some lad Gill Evans orchestra. Savage.


There’s some savage tunes on 94fm


Tonight John Kelly is treating us to savage music from movies and the tv. Great so far.


The auld “Hawaii 5-0” theme got a blast