Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


Sunday Sport is very enjoyable at this time of the year. Especially if you are out for a drive.


John Kelly is in the fucking groove tonight lads. I’m making him a friend of the forum as of now. Fucking genius.


Wonderful stuff. Reminds me of Saturday nights at the Velure Club in the Gaiety many, many years ago…


Sitting in the car here listening to it. Savage groove. Grant Green Sookie Sookie the highlight for me.


Is he the new RTÉ 1 fella ? I heard him Monday night he was very very good.


You won’t be sucking me in with that sort of shit Brimmer me oul cunt.


Wha ?? I was in a car briefly Monday night and there were a few decent tunes and I thought I saw radio 1 on the dashboard. Maybe it was a regional station.
Take off the tinfoil hat you paranoid madman


Lyric fm 7-9pm.Sun-Thurs I think. Pop the lid on a good whiskey, get yourself 20 Benson and lock everyone else out of the kitchen you’ll have the best 2 hours of your life.


I’m prone to often do that on a Friday night. A soak in the bath with Powers black label and then into my leather armchair in the kitchen with J Creedon on. He’s fairly hit and miss though.

Edit. No Friday nights :rage:. Podcast maybe.


It’s all your fault. I am now a convert. Was driving home this evening to Superman theme, Schindlers list and ET . Absolutely magic
Thank you


Bingo. Great spot. One of the places to get a proper late drink in Dublin apart from the vinegar on Leeson St.


…and hit The Gigs Spot on the way home if there was no more fun to be had…


The quare on Today FM is being accused of all sorts of stuff on Twitter today I see. Fairly handy at the aul groping by all accounts. I suppose tis depression and the gay thay made him do it


Just sat into my brown leather chair in the kitchen now and turned on RTÉ radio 1 with just these for company

No Bensons though :cold_sweat:, but I’m better without those.


JC must be on holidays. Don’t know who this guy is.


A true patriot, and better looking and trimmer than I imagined


The rye Guinness is lovely, part of a 4 for €10 in Tesco, I’ll be back there tomorrow and it’ll be just 4 x rye.


It’s usually Fiachna from the hothouse flowers


That’s your man. He’s good.


Fiachna is deadly. Fantastic choice of music and a voice perfect for radio.