Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


I prefer John but Fiachna does a good job (as I typed that I turned on and he’s playing Imelda May :smile:)


Did I miss it, or has there been no mention on here of Sarah and Chris on their way out of Newstalk?


There hasnt. Chris has landed himself a nice number


There was mention of Chris somewhere alright. Imagine that moany fuck is in a prominent position to influence the Government now :disappointed_relieved:


What position has he landed, pal?


Special advisor to Simon Coveney


It’s great turning on today fm again, now that gobshite is now gone. None of this als pal crap. Which I’m sure he got a sick kick everytime he said it,


Extremely annoying lady presenting playback at the moment


Bosco’s pal has the morning off so?


The last few times I’ve heard it.


Shane and Victoria on with Miriam


Dave Fanning is excellent every weekend.


It’s all kicking off now on RTÉ station 1 ( one).


Alllllll righttttrr now !!!’
Shook me allllll night longggggg!’
Radio 1. Be fook


Has someone broken into the studio and murdered that odious Cork cunt?


I know !!!
Some coooons


A crunchie & a nice whiskey & radio 1 right now.
Brimmer is in a gooooood place.


La la la
Stop pretending… la la
You’ve everything now …
Some tune. Arcade fire :fire:


Enjoyyyyyyyy yoursellllllf

Jamaica style. Hard beat

Edit. The specials.


About 3 mins now lads. A full 12 months waiting!!!
Time for the cork maestro :heart:️:heart:️:crossed_flags::face_with_monocle::nerd_face: