Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


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How does he do it?

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Ah bollix. Does this Creedon cunt think it’s St Patty’s day or wtf.


Ah fuck. That flew :open_mouth:


It gets worse for today fm


Who’s the female DJ you referenced previously who forged strong relationships with senior station management to get prominent slots on national radio?


:eek: the Internet never forgets


We’ll assume Muireann has worked hard for this break and there won’t be a whiff of scandal like with that last fella


ye have awful tongues on ye, some bunch of fucking women


She’s worked hard to get where she is; another Limerick success story.


Listening to Seamus Fogarty pick the tunes here on John Kelly while a do I spot of ironing.


I was out in the car there earlier listening to Tubs. He had a great quiz on about California. Emma was leading on 7 right answers overnight but Pepe also had 7. The rules dictated that there were no ties so Pepe had to go for the 8th. Name the San Diego born actress who starred in there is something about Mary and some other film. Pepe bottled it.

Then three other listeners had a chance but none got more than one right. Tony from Ashtown how are you feeling today. Ehhh ehhh. I’m going to have to push you for an answer here.

Emma was thrilled.


Was it Cameron Diaz ?


@HBV was in that something about Mary as well so he’d know


I was on the road the other night and flicked over to JK on Lyric for the last half hour. A bit of Broken Social Scene, Vic Chestnutt and then some lass on jazz piano doing Feist and Radiohead numbers. Then John fumbles around putting a CD into the player and says slightly off mic ‘I’m going to squeeze another track in’, followed by the intro strains to ‘Packt Like Sardines’ from the aforementioned Oxford combo…John pacing his delivery ‘From the album Amnesiac…This is Radiohead…pause…I forget the name of the tune’. It was a lovely moment of live radio. Great show.

cc @Fagan_ODowd @balbec


It was. Tubs was amazed that Pepe didn’t get it.


I caught a lunchtime quiz last summer on FM104 where question was also US based to win a holiday to US. Question was “what was area of New York where twin towers once stood commonly called”

First woman drew a blank and was gone. Next caller was given same question and she started rattling out guesses. She was then given a clue to say it was a number and she came up with Area 51. She was gone. Next man came on and he drew a blank despite being led to the answer. the presenter even said “ Ground blank” and he came back with Ground Four. Lower. Ground Three. They then suspended the quiz due to stupidity. It was like watching/listening to a car crash of Moronicity. I then arrived home.

The answer was Ground Zero.


Pepe must have got a frog in his throat at the vital moment.


Surely the question should have been what is the area, not what was the area.