Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?



Don’t call it Ground Zero anymore’: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg urges Americans to move past the moniker linked to Twin Towers’ destruction

Think they stopped calling it that after the new construction ended.


Lower Manhattan. And it still is.


I would simply have said Manhattan and would have expected a prize


A month’s supply of Manhattan peanuts would have been lovely.


badly phrased question


Route 66?




Pat Courtney on Radio Nova is a class act


Irish radio :rofl:


Says your man who listens to the royalist BBC


I listen to TB12 FM all day, mate


& the TFK podcast I hope


Of course, bro…


I quite enjoy Shay Byrne for 20 mins every weekday morning on rte. Seems a decent sort and plays good music. He’ll be getting a better shift in the future.


Unwittingly tuned into Limerick Regional Hospital Radio station yesterday on 94.2fm. I never knew they had a radio station. Really nice mellow easy listening tunes one after the other, I really thought I had scored with a new channel. I tried tuning in today but it had now transmogrified into Radio Na Gaeilge. Seems the hospital station is only available out that side of town which I was in the car at the time. Disappointing seeing as trying to tune in a decent song on the radio these days is almost impossible.


Gerry Hannon would be the right man for the regional hospital station.


I haven’t heard him in about 10 years I’d say. I can remember he would be on late on RLO but since the UTV takeover I think he scarpered off to the hills. I recall him being apoplectic about the Orange takeover.


He was ahead of his time in fairness, an unbelievable contrarion.


I like it.

He was indeed.


World Report on RTE 1 would put years on you.