Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


The Bowman show afterwards can be outstanding though


RTÉ Radio 1 adds Sarah McInerney and Fionnuala Sweeney to new daily roster (via @IrishTimes) https://www.irishtimes.com/business/media-and-marketing/rté-radio-1-adds-sarah-mcinerney-and-fionnuala-sweeney-to-new-daily-roster-1.3366800




Archive interview between Joe Jackson and Glen Campbell on radio one now.


An alright sort of fella, Joe did well to shoehorn in his reason for being there at the end (promote an album)


2FM making a come back.

186,000 people listen to breakfast republic. :expressionless:

Small losses for Paulie W


Some Dermot Morgan from John Bowman’s archives this morning.


Moyross school choir and principal on with Miriam this morning


God bless RTÉ they do love to give Moyross a bit of exposure.


Ryan Tubridys radio show really is exercise in narcissism.


Groundhog Day on this show ;

Anti Trump tirade
Tell us about some film he watched
Tell us about some book he is reading
Have a chat with some luvvie .


It’s awful awful stuff.
As soon as I hear his voice I have to switch off.


Ever heard of podcasts lads?


Yer man BlindBoy has a daycent one


The business news. What’s the fucking point of that. Another dreary interview with a ceo of a pic that’s just released its annual results. Other than yer mans family is anyone even listening?


We both heard the lad from KerryGold this morning then.

The media coaching was there to hear - “we are on a journey” was used about 5 times. He came across well I thought


He came across as a roaster in charge of a creamery.


He is when you think about it .


Several of his connections on LinkedIn probably heard it.


Has anybody anywhere ever even smirked at that Oliver Callan radio show? Christ it’s unbelievably awful