Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


How to speak monaghanese was good back in the day


I’d love to meet the producers who sit around, listen to those sketches and think they are funny. It’s horrendous shit.


Liam Og remembered beautifully there on Bowman’s Sunday


Irish radio :smile:


Radio Nova used to have a morning show with two gimps. They’ve replaced it with two even more annoying gimps in Lucy Kennedy and some chap called cormac I think. It’s a pity cos I like Lucy but she’s not made for morning radio.


What is she made for?


I used to enjoy to the two lads, they were easy listening for that time of the morning. Lucy Kennedy sounded like she had been kidnapped and forced to host it the first few mornings, haven’t listened since.


The two lads overtalked shite often repaeting each other’s nonsense in different voices imo. They kind of annoyed me. But I’d be measuring them against the master in Marty.


I’ve pretty much stopped listening to morning radio as it is so bad but the odd time I throw on Will Leahy on Radio Gold. No adverts and he openly promotes that his focus is on playing music in the main rather than “endless chat”…i.e. forced banter

He mainly plays 80’s and 90’s stuff. A bit of guilty pleasure but sometimes you need that in the morning. It beats Paul Williams.


If you want to listen to endless discussions about flags and bonfires listen to radio ulster. Timeless classics from 1690 onwards


Never was a man more different in private than he is in public,
Will is a bit of a tosser but not bad on the radio


Sarah McInerney is no Mary Wilson lads


She’s cat the poor girl


Fiachna is in for John Creedon all week lads. Well worth a listen.


He was shit when he stood in for John Kelly.


He’s a downgrade on Kelly maybe if you’re in that mood, but certainly an upgrade on Creedon. Knows his music and throws up loads of good shit I’ve never heard.


Morher of fuck Mary Wilson is off and that bird brain Sarah MacInerntney is in for her. A total lightweight. Cannot read anything without sounding judgemental in that sneery snowflake tone.
Mary Wilson is very very good and I miss her greatly.
‘Standing in for Mat cooper’ then is another born snowflake and rabid feminist, whoever she is she fucking hates men. Another lightweight. Another woman in a role for no reason other than gender balance. Another bitch abusing the airwaves to further ‘feminism’


That bird on Today FM had to step aside and let John Duggan look after the sport for the last hour.

McInerney is atrocious. Had to turn her off this evening. Mary Wilson is top notch and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She can’t return soon enough.


Wilson is top drawer .


Wilson is a national treasure