Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


Fuck mainstream media


I don’t mind Sarah but it’s hard to believe that somebody let go by Newstalk has picked up one of the toughest gigs on RTE


John Kelly had yer man the playwright Enda Walsh on last night. They both reckoned that their first gig was the Horslips at Jambarora in Mount Melleray in 1977. Jambarora was the celebration of 50 years of the Catholic Boy Scouts of Ireland. Were any of our TFK royalty at Jambarora? Cc @balbec cc @ciarancareyshurlingarmy


Great playlist btw


Good one, you ould codger


It isn’t really .


I think I might have missed that by a year but I do remember the Jamborora song. Kilmallock CBSI did go camping :ok_hand: to Lismore in ‘79. I remember Graeme Mul’s father Tommy leading the singing of “Up the Junction” around the campfire.


How twee


I knew you would appreciate it.


as the swan slowly roasted on the fire…


Jambarora Jambarora fifty years agora?


He comes across as a complete tosser on radio
He’s always moaning about RTE gold having no resources. Get the fucking message Leahy - you weren’t wanted by the big boys and have now being farmed out to the MLS of elite radio presenters.


He’s knocking it out of the park right now


Damon Albarn effort at an interview on Ian Dempsey show this morning could be charitably described as minimalist.


Bizarre behaviour. I turned over but I don’t know why presenters don’t just hang up on them when they’re acting the cunt like that.



Thank Christ, it was absolutely terrible.


Anytime I heard it, it was fairly fawning/gushing type of stuff

I thought we all agreed John Kelly is the only music show to be listened to on the island


Nadine has a lovely voice.

I’d listen to her talk gibberish all day long.


It was John Creedon mate, Kelly for snobs