Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


“In the most recent JNLR survey in April, the show had gained 2,000 listeners since last year, reaching its highest listenership ever”



Ed Smiths ‘songs of praise’ on Today FM deserves a mention.


Great show. Did O’Regan’s show follow it? I’d often be driving back to Dublin at that time on Sunday evening and you’d get a good hour from Ed followed by that shite O’Regan show and you’d have to change over, they should give the extra hour to songs of praise.


I still think Kelly Ann Byrne, Today FM, Saturday night is the best show on the radio. I always make a point of listening to it when I’m out and about in the car of a Saturday night


You mean prowling?


World Report is some dose first thing in the morning.


It must cost Bowman’s Sunday thousands of listeners, one of the best shows on the radio but you’d have to remember to tune back in after that dose you mentioned was over, just caught the end of William Trevor there and now they’re playing ‘de Banks’


They should give Bowman an hour


Really is a great show.


Under new Today FM schedule… Ed Smith’s alternative music show Ed’s Songs of Praise will also gain an hour and air from 7pm-10pm.



Another win for TFK.


Did any of you free staters betray your birthright and listen to the late great Gerry Anderson on radio ulster? It was unscripted, hilarious, ill-mannered, witty banter. It was so good some of the conversations were later animated for TV. The best were probably too close to the line to broadcast a second time…




Are you sure?


I’d also have to say No.

I do however recall ads on BBC WS for his “Anderson On The Box” and “Anderson On The Road” television shows.

I never watched either.






Was a grand harmless show lot worse than it out there


Fair enough, I thought it was painful to listen to.


Discovered this Irish online station at the weekend, have it in the kitchen using the Tunein app. Loving it today, the website is awful, but it’s streaming great obscure ‘80s tunes bringing me back to a fun decade @balbec might like this…