Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?



I was out in the car there earlier listening to John Kelly. It was a magnificent show. I often imagine I could do what he does but I know in my heart that I couldn’t. There was a segment between 8 and 830 where he played French music that was just bliss.


Just listening to Moncrief on News talk for first time in a while.
My memory is that the show was all ways a decent listen, awful scutter what I’ve heard today
He’s so right on its painful
Back to lyric


Roy Jones Jnr on Off the Ball. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Himself and @Cicero_Dandi would be a debate for the ages


Roy is cleaning house.


The arts show on Radio 1 last night had a great piece to make the 200th anniversary of the birth of Emily Bronte. A Trinity College Dublin professor reckoned her only novel Wuthering Heights was in top 5 novels of all time.


Did it for the Leaving.


RJJ destroyed that snowflake Molloy, it was fascinating listening.


What was the gist of it? Roy was the man and he’s a class analyst.


Said that cock fighting was small fry compared to teenagers being gang raped and Molloy didn’t want to know about it.


The doc on rte1 today is fucking brilliant. The hurling year 1998. Rows in Munster final, Jimmy Cooney’s cock up, Gerlock threatening all out war…brilliant listening

If I ever come back as an intercounty hurler I’d want to play for Offaly. Johnny Pilkington was well fit to enjoy himself


Its good. It will probably be repeated tomorrow night.


Is this a new one? I mentioned before that the doc on one detailing Stephen Roche in 87 is a great listen.


Not new, first aired in 2008. Called “Who fears to speak of 98”. Repeated tomorrow night at 7pm for any interested.


No thanks


Is Paul Flynn on it whinging?


No worries pal. I erroneously thought that your recent affinity with stick-fighing would be enhanced.
It’s pissing rain here, I can imagine the sea is a bit choppy for yachting activities so take it handy. I’ve had no luck yet in getting Lr. Hogan tickets for you yet but I’m on the case.


That one took a really strange turn alright.


A good one from a few years back about a complete rogue. I’m one of The Paddies who depended on him to see The Sunday Game every weekend in London 30 years ago. Monday nights in The Spotted Dog…


Listened to it a few times, it’s very good.
I woke up the morning of the Offaly / Clare semi with a horrible hangover and had to go to work. Except I didn’t, I called in sick for I think the only time in my life and retired to Rody Bolands for the afternoon to watch it. It got a bit mental in there that night.
I woke up with a horrible hangover the following morning…