Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


The Spotted Dog in Willsden by chance?. I was acquainted with it in the late 70’s early 80’s when Athlone’s greatest ever scallywag John Dunning was the landlord. Heady days and heavy nights.



Was that “who fears to speak of ‘98” ???


The very place. Think it’s closed now…


Good aul Ambrose . A gas man and a legend on the London hurling scene .


That was a great show .


The Kilmallock men’s association used to run a bus trip there every year. To meet the emigrants like.


He was a rouge alright! Met him a few times, he ran a pub in Dublin for a while too - up on Green Street, near the Special Criminal Court, back around 2001/02. A lad from home worked there as a bar man (another rogue) and introduced me to him. Can’t for the life of me think what the name of the place was but it was definitely some Galway themed name. Often wondered what became of him, found him to be a generous enough aul’ sort all the same.


The claddagh ring?


That’s the spot! I presume it changed hands since?


I think that place was known as the cameo bar more recently. Owned by some TDs brother it was an early house and they used to have DJs there from the crack of dawn picking up lads on all nighters


Ring or Creed?


Dont know tbh. Just have in my head the TD connection for some reason


I remember those days. Lad came in there with a gun one night as well. Rough as a Badgers arse but you’d be too off your bin to notice.

It was there or the white horse or slatterys but slatts was more for drinkers. Would’ve been a prominent journo lurking in those bars back then. I won’t name names but there was definitely an “E” in it


Another boring post involving Art reminiscing about doing e


I think it’s sweet the way you follow me around threads trying to bait me. Like a jack Russell locked outside yapping for attention.


Christ that was some spot . The local clientele was gas .


Ring. Closed altogether now I think


I often listen to John Kelly of an evening and think sure Jaysus I could do that.
Well John is on holidays and Fiachna O Braonain of the Hothouse Flowers stood in and despite his 30 years plus in the music industry it was pitiful


had TRAX FM on when driving around in the SKODA on the R161 earlier, unreal- you can real get a good swerve there