Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


Hi Fagan … did you catch the first hour of Kelly-Anne Byrne on Sunday night? I think you might enjoy it …



@Fagan_ODowd - i’ve upgraded this to a must listen … I caught half of it while out driving Sunday night … just listening back now - it’s actually 90 mins – a tribute to Tony Wilson and Factory Records.


She played this and I had never heard it before … the New Order backing on violin is brilliant…

St Anthony: An Ode to Anthony H Wilson


Stick with it, he’ll throw you a bone eventually


It’s all great but it really takes off from about 14 minutes - a beautiful rendition of windmills of your mind


Newstalk breakfast had John McGuirk (Johnny Arse of tfk fame) on this morning. They had Wendy Grace of Spirit FM (part of the Ascough gang) on earlier in the week. These right wing goons haven’t gone away. They’re like knotweed.


Williams finally losing listeners. How the fuck anyone is left listening to him I don’t know. I’d often have yates on in the evenings on the way home and Newstalk would come on in the morning then. Generally he says something absolutely retarded within minutes and I’ve to change. PColeman beside him then only makes it worse.


  • Newstalk Breakfast – down 5,000 to 121,000 listeners
  • Pat Kenny Show – down 3,000 to 152,000
  • Lunchtime Live with Ciara Kelly – down 1,000 to 101,000
  • Moncrieff – up 4,000 to 91,000
  • The Hard Shoulder with Ivan Yates – up 4,000 to 157,000

Today FM

  • Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show – down 5,000 to 162,000 listeners
  • Dermot & Dave – down 3,000 to 164,000
  • Muireann O’Connell – down 1,000 to 105,000
  • Fergal D’Arcy – up 10,000 to 112,000.
  • The Last Word with Matt Cooper – down 4,000 to 137,000


  • Morning Ireland – down 4,000 to 434,000 listeners
  • The Ryan Tubridy Show – up 3,000 to 313,000
  • Today with Seán O’Rourke – up 10,000 to 317,000
  • The Ronan Collins show – up 4,000 to 317,000
  • The News at One – down 5,000 to 341,000
  • Liveline with Joe Duffy – down 7,000 to 374,000
  • The Ray D’Arcy show – no change to 219,000
  • Drivetime – down 6,000 to 222,000


That used to be me too, mate. I just hit the Radio 1 dial as soon as I start the car every morning now.


Why Ronan Collins is only getting an Hour a day is absolutely baffling. His show is wonderful.


I’d say Ronan genuinely doesn’t give a fuck and this is what makes the show good


There is far too much talk on RTE.


How can anyone rely in those JNLR figures, they’re essentially pluxked from the sky



How are they calculated


They survey people and ask what they’ve listened to on the radio this week. It’s an archaic enough method for this day and age. I’m not sure if they ask which you listened to most or which you listened to at all.


It’s calculated in conjunction with the Gardai, you know when they look closely into the car at a checkpoint,they have a quick squint at what channel you’re on, they then put it into a little black notebook.
Back at the station then they send them on to the MRBI crowd.


No way lunchtime on newstalk is down just a 1000. Its an awful show


So they just extrapolate from a relatively small sample. I think Neilsen Ratings are the same?


Ciara Kelly is an abomination of a Broadcaster. Deplorably bad.


And only lost a 1000 listeners. Me hole she has