Whats the best Irish radio station to listen to?


Once you ask a thousand or so people it’s statically accurate to within 5%. But 5% could explain nearly all the ups and downs in those figures.
But the problem now is how you sample. You have biases in who says yes to a survey and who would even answer a phone to a stranger etc. But it’s supposed to be demographically varied to reflect the population but I can imagine if you actually made the calls you’d fudge it to get it done


Matt cooper has lost 4000 listeners and now has an audience if 134,000
He is in direct competition with Drivetime 222,000 and of course Yatesy who us up 4000 to 157,000.

It looks like I’m not the only one out there who is sick to the back teeth of that weird little Cark trump obsessed snowflake bitch.


He’s an awful cunt of a man


I’ve never listened to him but I find myself nodding along in agreement with you.


I’ve never heard him either, if you’ve an interest in current affairs you wouldn’t have today FM on at 4:30, or is it ladybirded news?


The only thing worse than the Dermot fella trying to be funny is that Dave lad braying like a moron in the background


It must be for simpletons


I think Dermot is very funny.You must be as old as @Fagan_ODowd or @Boxtyeater


Garda Williams is leaving Newstalk



Is he resigning in the same way that Jeff Sessions is resigning?


Well his last show is tomorrow, sounds like he is.


He’ll be no fucking loss the cunt.I hear he’s goin to the UN with Noirin.


Finally. Wonderful news.


Careful - that’s the Leitrim Guardian man of the year 2004 you’re talking about.


Rte gold is where it’s at, no commercials and very little talk


I’m off to the whiskey thread to celebrate


RTE story on Garda McCabe will be out next week. They were sitting on it until he had formally retired. Plenty of juicey bits on that odious, obnoxious creep that is Williams.


Hopefully it’s true. The fact that he’s retiring at such short notice gives me hope there’s something more to it.


Who won in 2003 & 2005 ???


Paschal Mooney.