Who wasn't bugging GSOC


Any idea how much the symphony orchestra get paid ?
Serious question.


I’d say less than that. Why do they have to be Guards at all? Why bother training them in the first place if it’s just musicians they want


I don’t see any HC judge authorising that wire tap for a start, can you? Then you’re onto certain elements with the guards doing it covertly - but if they’re doing that why would they let anyone in Justice know about it? :thinking:


Nope, couldn’t see that getting past a judge. Unless justice told AGS to find the mole…


Is it possible Kelly is being a big drama queen here and there is a more mundane explanation than phone calls being intercepted, like the Gardaí having an informant in Kelly’s office or in contact with whoever Kelly is onto at the other end of the phone?

Edit: I think the answer is yes and don’t believe the gardai are bugging any public representatives phones.


A stretch too far for me. AK is grandstanding I suspect.


Sure it could never happen here, where journalists phones were tapped, a roadside chat between 2 cops and a TAD reaches and the commissioner at the most opportune time to try and damage that RD, where a TAD is intercepted and cuffed(against regulations) and the arrest leaked and so on and on and nauseum


Which is why it’s unlikely to happen again surely

Wallace? A thing of nothing. Who seriously thinks that a TD being told to get off his phone is “damaging”. Tin-foil hat stuff.

The Archangel Claire narrative. Said TD made an illegal turn, was stopped, had alcohol in her system by her own admission and was lawfully arrested. She has never taken any legal case against that arrest tellingly.

Cuffed against regulations? Open to debate, was it ruled on since?

The leaking was out of order.


Establishment shill.


Play the ball, not the man.


It could never happen here. AGS is such an upstanding honest law abiding organisation that they would never consider an illegal wire tap. Nor would they ever mis-appropiate funds, try get someone on false charges or smear a whistle blower


@Raylan loves the guards.Isn’t his father in law one sure.


I suppose hundreds of gardai looking up that TD on pulse immediately after is all above board too?


It’s besides the point being discussed, self-evidently wrong all the same. Any other red herrings?


Self evidently wrong like the handcuffing?


You get arrested, hardly shocking that you get handcuffed. Is Ireland the only country where this is even up for discussion? Always struck me as nonsense.


Have been watching Bad Boys on repeat?


It’s a pity you weren’t struck a few more times might have knocked some sense into you. Lots of police agencies across the world have stringent regulations on the use of cuffs as improper use of them would constitute assault and remember when someone is arrested they are a suspect, not convicted of any crime.


You have to admire him tbf. He is fucking ruthless. Howling must be shitting it knowing he’s in his shadow.


I know who bugged GSOC.