Who wasn't bugging GSOC


Will Kelly hold onto his seat in Tipp at the next GE though?


Guaranteed you wont say who though, you cowardly little swine.



He has delivered some big projects in North Tipp. He will struggle in South Tipp but should pull enough to get through.

He is future proofing himself by keeping his mug in the Media.

Just look at the sitting TD’s to see how he stands out as someway capable & a probable future Leader of Labour.


That’s for big fish like me to know and irrelevant nobodys like you to fluster over little man


Will you be voting for him Har?



The alternatives are fucking shocking tbf.


Kelly is playing it perfectly. He’s a great lad to follow instruction.


Improper being the key word Art QC


Not with Matty and Michael on the ballot


Any sign of that First Data crowd opening up or the hydroelectric company in the Silvermines?


And a non violent female would be fairly high on the list for improper use.


It’s a go apparently but I don’t know much more.


Meh. Any female with drink in her system is dangerous in my experience.



Quisling cunt


Fierce bang of wife beater off that post.


If that’s the worst thing that happened poor Claire, she’ll survive. We can put the #conspiracy narrative to bed anyway.


No we can’t. She was treated disgracefully by the Gardaí who have shown themselves yet again to be corrupt, incompetent and dysfunctional.


How was she treated disgracefully and corruptly?


They set her up mate and went running to the media


How did they set her up mate?