Who wasn't bugging GSOC


They handcuffed her and brought her to the pig station for taking a wrong turn, they saw an opportunity to punish her and went with it


The handcuffing was strange and the media finding out was a disgrace, but she did break the law and had a few drinks. She admitted it didn’t she? If they had let her off because she was a td and she knocked over some young lad rugby style, would that not have been more corrupt


No, she had 1 drink and was under the limit


The Garda Band.


Don’t they need to take her to the station to find out whether she was under the limit? Can’t really be taking people’s word for it


Depends which party you’re with.


She did a breath test


There’s things called breathalysers you know the one gardai used to make up millions of fake tests. Obviously being faced with a real breath test, they panicked, dropped the breathalyser, cuffed her against regulations, brought her to the station and rang gdas Reynolds and Williams to let them know, against the Garda and data protection acts and then let her go after a few hours in the cell for processing.

If all that is fair game for a member of parliament imagine what they’d do to a simpleton like you or a wife beater like @Raylan


Re reading the story on the journal there, it says the breathalyzer failed to give a reading, so they had to bring her back to see how drunk she was? Didn’t she admit to having a drink? So you think someone who made an illegal turn, admitted to having a drink should be let continue driving? Bizarre

Also that article states the guards who arrested her didn’t know who she was. I know that doesn’t look great for the tinfoil hat brigade.


Oh right. So a Garda says he can’t get a reading? Sure of course we believe all things gardai say about breathalysers… it’d be fairly easy to nibble a roadside test if you wanted.


So a woman makes an illegal turn, gets pulled over, admits to drinking, and you think she should have been let drive on and endanger the public.


She should have been breathalysed and if over the limit arrested and if not given the points and let go


But the breathalyzer didn’t work. And they had no idea who she was, so take off the tinfoil hat.

Now when she was brought back to the station, after being legally arrested (she’s never challenged this by the way, just the leaking) some cunt rang whoever to pass it on to Williams etc that was obviously wrong


Handcuffing her and throwing her in a cell was disgraceful. The breathalyser ‘failing’ to give a reading was probably corrupt. The cops leaking the story to the media to further embarrass Clare Daly was definitely corrupt and a little bit disgraceful too.


Arresting her was not disgraceful. She has never challenged it.

Handcuffing her seems a bit over the top alright.

I don’t think they have lounges and lay z boys, only cells to put people.

‘probably’ tinfoil hat stuff im afraid.

Yeah the media leaking was a joke.


No, the gardai say the breathalyser didn’t work. And given what we know, the gardai are not to be trusted

And the garda actions afterwards clearly indicate malafides


Yes, i agree that someone higher up who has williams on speed dial has a lot to answer. The guards who arrested her didn’t do anything wrong bar the handcuffing.

Plus you are purely speculating that the breathalyzer didn’t work. Daly has never challenged this, and she was there and would only love to.


Let’s call it exactly what it was,; criminality from members of AGS.


Yes i agree the leaking was wrong, ive said that several times. Her other complaints were discourtesy (wtf?) and the handcuffing. She didn’t make any complaint about the breathalyzer or the arrest. Thanks for backing up all ive been saying.

Wait a minute, further reading it, she attempted to give a sample into this now infamous breathalyzer but wasn’t able to, so thats why she was arrested. You knew that and said nothing, you slimy bastard art


The below is a quote from the Journal. Daly seems to be clearly challenging her arrest

Daly said she suported gardaí in their implementation of road safety, she objected to the arrest, the handcuffing and the release of information.
“My legal advice is that none of this is ‘procedure’,” she said. “The Garda Ombudsman is investigating this matter as a criminal investigation under Section 98 of the Garda Soichana Act 2005. This is a very serious issue. Every citizen is entitled to their good name and to have their privacy respected.”