Who wasn't bugging GSOC


But read the actual complaint she made herself to the ombudsman. Doesn’t challenge it there, just the handcuffing, leaking and am, discourtesy


Are you not splitting hairs a bit? . Is the handcuffing, leaking and discoutesy not enough. And if Dalys breath test was falsified that makes it 2 million and 1 false breath tests


The handcuffing was excessive but minorly so. The leaking was a joke alright, but whos to fault for that. Once she was arrested anyone in the guards could have seen it. The discourtesy, ahem, was unfounded according to the ombudsman, so that was kind of imagined by her.

The leaking was very bad, but a few on here and a few hundred thousand would have you believe she was targetted, followed and framed as a political manoeuvre. Nope, she was rightly arrested, but when it was discovered who she was some sleveen rang another one who rang a journalist.


I disagree I think she passed the breath test but the cops lied and said there was no reading. I have 2 million reasons for believing this to be the case.
Then they arrested and publically humiliated her. Reading Clare Daly’s comments on the matter I think she feels the same way.


What were the comments?


We’re going around in circles here pal. I think we’d be best agreeing to disagree


If one of the journalists on here could contact her for a clarification on what happened with the breathalyzer that would be sound. Thanks guys.


I think you mean “journalists”


More Garda incompetence. This poor innocent fucker gets named and shamed in court and media.


That photo of Buff on his thread could have landed him in a bit of bother judging by that article








Williams was going on about water restrictions this morning and put it down to the Irish Water protestors. His powers of investigative journalism seem to have waned.


The lady reading the news on today FM this evening put the restrictions down to people leaving taps running during the cold spell and forgetting to turn them off since. Matt was trying to interject to say it was more likely down to leaks but she was sticking to her guns.


The Irish Water guy on Radio 1 this morning said Increased demand was due to leaks.


Newstalk briefly mentioned this around an hour ago and referred to “certain journalists” being complicit in the targeting of McCabe. 20 minutes into this hour slot now and no mention of this story yet which is strange because Shane Coleman, probably the biggest screaming mary snowflake in Ireland, would normally be all over a story like this of a downtrodden little man. They’ve given about 10 minutes to a water charges story since 8 o clock. What a shower of cunts.


8:46 now and no mention of it this hour.


Stop listening to Newstalks morning show bro, you are only encouraging the cunts.