Who wasn't bugging GSOC


Ignoring it is their only option with Williams hosting it.


Station owned by Denis O’Brien, show sponsored by eir and presented by Paul Williams. What’s not to like about the Newstalk breakfast show?


Yeah I think I’m done with the morning show now. In fairness to Pat Kenny it is the first thing he is covering now with the excellent Mick Clifford who has done great work on this tribunal.


Yeah but they lose all credibility in doing so.


Gardai have got a tip off from a credible source and are dredging a river in Beal na Blath in connection with the reopened cold case file on the murder of Michael Collins.


Newstalk :rofl:


Radio 1 I found enjoyable when working from home last week.

This morning I listened to Jordan Peterson podcast on my drive to the office.


+1 to Radio 1 - hadn’t listened to Irish radio in months.

What podcast was he on?


He has his own one pal. The Jordan B. Peterson podcast. I listened to The Master and the Emissary with author of book by same name Dr Iain McGilchrist a fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

My take away was don’t build walls to keep snakes out as being safe is not conducive to living. But instead get stronger to contend with snakes. It applies on here as well as life. Lads who use ignore are weak mentally.


Didnt realise he had his own one - game changer.


Not sure they ever had any. No different than the Indo, you go there to get the news but elsewhere to get the truth.


Here - Have you read or watched any youtube vids on Joseph Campbell ? Youtube ‘The power of mythology’

Touches on a lot of stuff Peterson does but purely from a mythology perspective.


Hard to believe but it appears to be a fairly popular station. Don’t get it myself


Two women who work in our place both have family connections to the Gardai reckon there’s no smoke without fire with regards McCabe and the child abuse allegations. Sadly that’s what your up against in Oireland


Another sad thing about it is the “establishment” would have preferred if it were true too.


It’s a fair assumption though.


No it’s not. After all that’s come out it’s a stupid assumption.


I dunno mate.

When I heard about him breaking down yesterday, my first thought was that he was overdoing the “poor me” persona.

I could be wrong but I’d be leaning towards having the same opinion as @Special_Olympiakos work colleagues.


You should join the guards pal. You’d fit right in.


Is he too honest though?