Who wasn't bugging GSOC


The Garda sympathisers are closing ranks


No. Will check that out


They probably got back to important stuff like discussing EastEnders then


Jaysus , RTE had a report on there from Sandra Hurley on the tribunals investigations into Rte programmes. It was a masterclass of obfuscation. She was definitely speaking in the English language but it was impossible to construe a meaning from the 5 minutes or so that she spent warbling into the microphone.

Rte can definitely say that it hasn’t shied away from covering the mater but Johnny Paycheck is none the wiser.


Old age perhaps?


Brilliant news


I’m as sharp as a tack pal. You’d do well to remember that.


They 've done nothing to clarify this issue. Muddy the waters m o as usual. The strongest arm of state. They should all be burned alive.


He’s as honest as your average guard.



Matthew 10:16


Something to follow now that they’re finished up in Belfast


Former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan described two Garda whistleblowers as “fucking headbangers” and said that one of them “fiddles with kids”, the Disclosures Tribunal has heard.

Fianna Fáil TD John McGuinness alleged Mr Callinan made the “headbangers” comment about former garda John Wilson and Sgt Maurice McCabe after a meeting of the Dáil Public Accounts Committee on January 23, 2014.

He said he believed the second remark was a reference to Sgt McCabe, about whom false allegations had been circulating in Leinster House.

The tribunal has heard Mr Callinan denies the TD’s account of events.



Callinan comes across as a headcase


Callinan was part of the heavy gang who terrorised victim families of Dublin/Monaghan bombings to stop them asking questions. He’s done the state enough service to be untouchable



Ooofffttt. Then Secretary General of the Department of Justice texting Callinan.


Little did Martin know but his text buddy would be the one who knocks a few short months later.

If Purcell knew about the meeting you’d wonder if 2 pints Kenny knew.


You wouldn’t really wonder art.